Output Name filtering -- Selecting MIDI tracks with the same Output

I am trying to use the PLE to select all the tracks going to the same output (in my case it is name STEREO OUTPUT).
However the macro doesn’t seem to be working with Instrument tracks. Currently it selects group and FX tracks but no instrument tracks. Does anybody know why?


The Instrument track itself cannot be selected this way. If you would use multi-outputs then the Audio Returns of the Instrument tracks would become selected (in the MixConsole) too. But not the Instrument track itself.

Martin would you call this behavior expected? And if it is why is there even an option in the PLE? Any chance we can escalate this as bug? I am sure the majority of the users don’t use multi output instrument tracks.

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I don’t know about that. I use VSTi’s with multiple audio outputs all the time. Kontakt or Superior Drummer being two that are in about half of all my projects.

yes thank you for the insight on your amazing workflow- but going back to this feature I think that it should apply to instrument tracks even if multi output is not engaged. Many VSTis don’t even have multi output option. Serum, Zebra to name a few.

Seems like the Name/Channel filter in the Logical Editor is based on what is shown in the track inspector, and Instrument tracks cannot have their audio output selected in the inspector, you need to open the channel settings. That’s why the PLE cannot select instrument tracks based on their physical output.

Not sure if I understand what you mean?

Steve I’m not talking about internal multi-out but physical audio output.
The output on instrument tracks is the instrument itself because it actually is a MIDI output, at the same place where it shows Stereo Out 1/2 on audio tracks.

That’s what the OP is talking about : they want to select all the tracks that are connected to the same audio output, but it only selects audio tracks, and instrument tracks are excluded because of the above reason.

Thanks for the clarification.

I’ve added it as a feature request, although, personally, I think more of a bug…

The Output Name/Channel filter in the Logical Editor currently appears to select Tracks based on their Inspector Output.
The problem lies in the fact that in the Track Inspector, Instrument Tracks have their output as the actual instrument (the VSTi itself), which is the MIDI output.
So in the current state, the Logical Editor is unable to seek for Instrument Tracks based on their Audio Output, since their Output are listed as MIDI outputs.
In order to do that, the Logical Editor should instead read the Output information from both the Track Inspector and the Audio Routing.
This way, Instrument Tracks could be selected based on their Audio Output.

Also the Logical Editor isn’t currently able to seek for Input Channels, either Audio or MIDI, that would be good to add that too.

Thanks Louis!

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I suppose that depends on what bug means. To me it’s something not working as designed. So in my view it’s a an FR.

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That’s right.

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Is it correct that in PLE filters “Output Name/Channel” can be used only to filter groups, not Instruments?

What I’m doing? While scoring to movie, I have film audio routed to “Stereo Out”, but all my tracks are routed to “MIX” group just to export only this group without original sound. So if I add new tracks and didn’t select MIX group at the beginning, later I can forget to route it to MIX. Then I open PLE and wanted to find these tracks which aren’t routed to MIX. It’s not possible. The list of Parameter 1 doesn’t contain groups (!!!)

Okay, I need to filter tracks whose output routed to “Stereo Out”, because only “Stereo Out” and all track’s input are listed in Parameter 1. I choose “Stereo Out” and press “Apply”. Nothing’s happening except it selects groups that of course has output routed to “Stereo Out”.

Something there isn’t fully invented, IMHO.

Maybe a feature request needed? For me it would be logic to select anything that can be as an output for any track (audio, instrument, sampler, group, fx)


Could you please attach screenshot of the PLE?

Be aware the Audio Return Channels of the Instruments are an Automation tracks, please.

Any output has to be routed to the given Output to make it visible in the PLE. So if you have Group 01 & Group 02 in the project and all tracks outputs are routed to the Group 01, you don’t see Group 02 in the list.

I think that PLE can easily get to know is Instrument used in multi-output or single-output mode. In single mode it should be taken in account because it uses only one audio output like it would be an audio track.

Secondly, in case Instrument is in multi-output mode (activated more than one output), PLE could filter it anyway if one of the outputs matches the condition. It is logical. I cannot imagine why one could need not to select Instrument track if 15 of its 16 outputs are routed to the output specified in condition! It is more rare than a need to select Instrument if at least one of outputs matches the condition :slight_smile: So, Martin, your position is ruined :wink:


Sorry, PLE doesn’t know.

Okay, I understand that Cubase is so complicated that a team who invented PLE is working in other side of the world where communication with main team is a bit problematic. So in this case all my following text in previous comment (especially in bold) isn’t serious and can be ignored.

Now I cannot imagine why PLE is for at all. If we have 500 tracks and cannot filter instruments by their outputs, we will go through all tracks and find what we need.

And the bug, where “Stereo Out” isn’t in the list while at least on one track its output isn’t routed to No Bus, then back to Stereo Out, isn’t a bug, but feature like other inventions fully described in crashlogs.

Martin, have a nice weekend! :slight_smile:

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Quite frankly @ArthurNeeman, it sounds like you, like me, are stuck in the current situation:
-try to communicate with Steinberg’s support -nobody gets back to you
-ask a question about an obviously buggy feature in a forum populated by mostly non-professionals
-get a dismissive response such as “this is expected behavior”
-get disappointed for have spent money on such a campy software

rinse and repeat


I think they all are in vacation :slight_smile:
But yes, we are stuck no our needs and hopes. Actually we can compose music with Cubase SX3, Cubase 5.5 and any other version from the past. But we paid (also for their vacations) hundreds every year and it would be nice to get a little satisfaction. If the lack of it continues year by year, then it is logical that some of us are stopping support their whole-year vacations.

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