Padshop 2 not working in Logic

I recently bought Padshop 2 and have been unable to use it in Logic. It doesn’t appear in the instrument list and when I open plug-in manager it says Padshop “failed validation”. When I try to rescan it, it causes Logic to freeze and I have to force quit it. I’m not sure if this is a Steinberg problem or a Logic problem but can does anyone know how to resolve this? It’s frustrating as I paid £110 for this plugin and so far that has been for nothing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Tom

OS version?
Logic version?
Padshop 2 version?
Do you use the “soft elicenser” on HD or do you have/use the USB-eLicenser (Steinberg Key)?

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Tom, I have a similar issue with Padshop 2 and an open ticket awaiting a meaningful reply from Steinberg. My LPX works fine, and the plugin manager “sees” Padshop, but it is not visible as a drop down instrument to use. I use the USB e-licenser. Hope you get sorted. Hod (Aberdeenshire)

Same problem. I had this problem more than 2 months. No help from Steinberg… never had such problems with other companies. Its not the first time steinberg’s plugins act weird on mac. I dont mind as long you take care of such bugs… but you don’t. And why people need to wait one month to get answer about their ticket?? I dont know guys but i think steinberg going into a bad place.

nobody provided all the information Gerrit was requesting
just complaining…

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Catalina 101.15.6
logic 10.5.1
padshop is the the latest version from the download manager 2.0.10
USB-eLicenser the latest version

Hi t0mkat,
unfortunately there’s nothing we can do to eliminate this issue right now.
We’re in contact with apple and we hope that they will provide soon a fix for Logic or tell us what we have to change in our plugins to solve the problem.

A possible workaround from the LogicProHelp forum is perhaps this one:

Finally I created a new admin user, started Logic and after the validation of the plugins I could create a new empty project with an instrument track. And YES, the Steinberg menu was there, I could use it again.

best regards
Gerrit Junge

Hi, Is there any resolve yet on this issue? I am missing Padshop and Groove Agent from Absolute 4. I really don’t see what this has to continue when you’ve got our money?
Please let us know how we can proceed.
Thank you
Dave Cooke

Please have a look here:

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STRANGELY AFTER UPDATING GROOVE AGENT, this has now appeared in LOGIC. But no appearance of Padshop 1 or 2 anywhere despite the fact that it’s authorised and claims to be there in the Plug in manager.

It just seems strange that one or two of the plug ins are faulty. I can access Halion, The Grand, Retrologue etc but no evidence of Padshop which unfortunately is a pretty useful and necessary plug in instrument, and, as I mentioned before, I have paid for!!

I only own a few Steinberg plugins that came with Cubase, and it appears they did not include the AU versions, so I can’t test your specific problem. I’m skeptical that its apple’s fault since I own hundreds of AU plugins and none of them have had this issue.

However, anyway I just wanted to say I was able to get PadShop.vst3 to work in LogicPro by using KushView element inside LogicPro.

Well today I received an alert that there were some fixes for Padshop but mainly for Cubase users. But I downloaded Padshop and Groove Agent within Absolute 4 and they both finally appear in Logic again. Close on a year since this problem was first flagged up. But the price remains the same despite it only working now. Nice customer service Steinberg!!