Padshop, no uploading samples??

The manual for Padshop says, “It [Padshop] features two completely independent layers that each use a set of PRECONFIGUERD samples as grain oscillator sources.”


As in I can’t upload a sample into Padshop…

WTF kind of a granular synthesizer is this? Makes it no better than Native Instruments Skanner which was released for free back in December.

Update this, let it take samples. Camel Audio’s Alchemy lets you do real granular synthesis with your own samples. Take a note from them.

So thanks but no thanks, what a waste of $50 bucks.

And here would have been the correct forum to post this… :unamused:
Even with a post about the same topic already…

Indeed. Pre-purchase research is usually a good thing…

Advertising a Granular synthesizer and not mentioning it can’t upload samples is like advertising a VA and not mentioning it lacks filters. :unamused:

And thats just it. Steinberg never mentions that it has preconfigured (non-upload) samples anywhere. The manual is the first time I’ve come across that. So fuck your pre-purchase research, I read every word of advertising before buying the new update.

“And if that’s not enough, start from scratch: the included SoftGrain Wave ROM is full of beautiful and original samples to fuel the grain oscillators.”

Very misleading. They really needed to mention that you cannot upload samples.

Anyone who is even remotely interested in Padshop should really look into Skanner. Skanner is beautifully innovative, its like “scrub synthesis”. It uses real samples and beats the pants off of Padshop in every way. Hats off to Native Instruments.

Do you really think they would list everything their product can’t do?
The description is not misleading at all, and there are plenty of topics in the forum to clear up the question you had.

And yet, the inability to load samples was confirmed before launch (in the publicly accessible forums).


I know. There’s so many people complaining because they didn’t do their research.

Good point about them listing things it cannot do, that would obviously be ridiculous. My point is that granular synthesis, being based off sampling, implies the ability to import samples. True, I should’ve explicitly hunted for a Steiny qote saying, “user defined samples” or “import .wav” etc and without seeing such could’ve hopped on the forum to ask for clarification. But to say the description “isn’t misleading at all” is ridiculous. Lets drop the discussion because you’re gonna be a fanboy and im still going to be pissed about losing 50 dollars.

And tell me Shinta, do you hop on the manufacturers website and check their forum before purchasing a synth? speakers? software? Stop being an ass.

Yes, actually I do.

And please, I am a human. Not a donkey.

And what do you call a person, that do not research what’s available before buying a synth, speakers or software, then mopes around, whining and crying, that it wasn’t what they expected?

Update the synth Steiny, it could be a beast.

The only reply on here at this point should be about how to get a refund.


It says:

SoftGrain Wave ROM with hundreds of sounds for custom presets

That is read only memory.Should ring a bell. At least with me. When I saw that I wanted to know about laoding up your own samples. Took me 3 minutes to figure out it couldn’t be done.

Every other granular synth I’ve seen are advertising that they can load up other samples.

So take your loss, you didn’t take a good look. $hit happens, lesson learned, but don’t blame it on others.

That said, in the end Padshop is part of C6.5 I presume you wanted to upgrade your DAW aswell, or did you just wanted the synth?
Because it’s part of an upgrade that also has another synth, two effects and a stack of other stuff. That is a whole lot for 50 euro’s. Can’t expect a decent synth for that anyway :slight_smile:

Greetz Dylan.

I certainly made the mistake of not reading the fine print (or lack thereof). I’m not blaming the peeps on here for anything, but am clearly frustrated with the fanboy attitudes. That, on top of lost funds is annoying. Empathy goes a lot further than “you shoulda done dis dumb-dumb” kind of bullsh!t.

Got the full update, but only as a side to the synth because I LOVE granular synthesis after exploring it in Alchemy. Been looking out for something beyond a simple grainshifter effect and bam, Steinberg announced Padshop. I had thought the name was a bit funny but I guess it makes sense now. Its just a workbench tool meant for a specific purpose, instead of a full fledged programmable monster.

I had asked for a VST 3.5 synth in the past so it turns out Retrologue is the most exciting thing about this update. I’ll be exploring the ins and out of that engine tonight so yeah, theres something to look forward to.

the thing is, if you would be more gentle in your post, the “fanboys” ( I am one of them)would react accordingly.
It makes perfect sence when someone start a graphical rant towards a product the opposite will rise against.

It’s not personal, not from either side, it’s just a reaction.

I also had times I wanted to bash all over this forum because of things not working in my set-up.
But it’s just not a good idea to make your emotions public. Well it’s a good idea if you want to suffer the consequences :smiley:

Anyway, maybe Steinberg comes up with an idea in the future.

Greetz Dylan.

Judging from the other posts in this thread, there are no fanboys.

We were just commenting on how advertising (the whole world over) works.

Still a human.

Hah honestly kept saying that to myself after each post in this thread. Let emotions get the better of me for sure.

I, like most people who paid for the 6.5 upgrade, probably did it mostly for Padshop (I’m guessing). For $50 I think Padshop sounds pretty decent, as I originally wasn’t expecting that much to begin with. I’ve been listening to every patch in alphabetical order this evening and am only up to the E’s so far, but I’ve found some pretty interesting and pleasing patches that I’m sure I will be using in the future. I read on this very forum that Padshop would not import samples, but that didn’t bother me since I am a proud owner of Alchemy. Anyway, Padshop and all the other stuff was worth the $50 for me…and if that makes me also a “fanboy”, so be it. :wink:

Dude, you oughta be fair! Native Instruments’ Skanner allows you to use your own samples! :smiling_imp: