Padshop Pro License not found in eLicenser - Solved

It’s obviously a bug in the Steinberg License Center.
The Software to download under your Padshop Pro license is not Padshop Pro, it is Padshop 2.
So your licenser won’t find a valid license.
It will be fixed soon.
After a phone call, Steinberg made a remote diagnostic and fixed it.
Phone Support is good.

I have a full running license of Padshop Pro in my eLicenser.
I bought Cubase Elements 10.5 some weeks ago.
It says: No license of Padshop Pro found.
Its in there.
I made all updates - nothing helps.

Steinberg Support after 10 days still no answer.

Mac 5K Retina 2015, i7, 32GB RAM, 512GB Flash, Mojave.