Pages missing when exporting to PDF

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Sometimes when I export my piece to PDF, some parts only contain the first page. It looks sort of random when it does and if it does, it’s most often with rhythm section parts.

Anyone else who experienced this problem and a solution? Now I have to check every PDF file before sending it…

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Make sure the Page Range isn’t set for each Layout.

I don’t think I can set a page range when exporting to PDF right? That’s only when printing…

Course you can!

Screenshot 2.png

Check, but this isn’t the problem. It happens with only some parts sometimes and I’ve never used this option…
It feels like a bug.

What file format are you exporting to? If it’s not PDF, then each page is a separate file and will overwrite itself, unless you’ve set the page number to be in the filename options.

Otherwise: without seeing the document itself, we can only guess.

It’d definitely a PDF. And I understand it’s difficult to solve, I was just wondering if anyone else experienced the problem, then it could be a bug.

To the best of my knowledge, every time someone has posted about this it’s turned out that the Page Range field is incorrectly set for one or more of the selected layouts. You do need to select each layout individually and check.

Hi all you there on the new Forum :slight_smile:
I have exactly the same very annoying problem: I can not be sure that all pages are exported properly. Same happens here: mostly the 3 or 4 last parts of a file are exported incompletely (one page).
When doing this for 14 symphonies for a client: it’s a bit embarrassing when the client points out that you ‘forgot’ to make some pages. I had to check manually every part to make sure it was done properly.

Again, there is no known bug in this area of the program. You need to check the page range for each layout in Print mode. Next time you encounter the problem, attach the project here along with details of which layouts were missing pages when you exported PDFs, and I’ll take a look.

There is a system in Finale where putting a zero in the “end page” box (pages: Start 3 End 0) mean to print to the end of the file.

Would the Team be willing to look into something like this for the future in Dorico?

I’m not actually sure you do need to check the page range. I find that, in a file where I knowingly have some page ranges set, as long as I carry out these steps in this order, all pages of all selected layouts get exported:

  1. Select the layouts in the left panel.
  2. Wait for Dorico to think, if it’s visibly processing in the background.
  3. Click the All Pages button.
  4. Wait for Dorico to think again - it may be thinking again, dependent on how many layouts are selected and how big the project is.
  5. Export.

Pianoleo highlights the crucial part of the process: “Wait for Dorico to think again.” If you manage to press the export button before Dorico is done thinking, occasionally Dorico will export only the first page of selected layouts. I’ve had this happen often enough that I now know to check my exported files. I wish that it was clear when Dorico was thinking — for example, if we had to wait for a progress bar that showed Dorico calculating the print views, this would not be a problem. With a large score, it can take quite a while.

That’s accurate indeed. Now that I’m a little more patient :blush: the files are exported well.

I have a very basic question, and I apologize if it wanders slightly off topic, but I normally organize all of my parts in a single PDF. I might put the score in a separate PDF, but I generally want all the parts in a single PDF. I thought there should be a way to do this from directly inside Dorico, but if there is, I haven’t found it. I end up using an external tool (PDFSam Visual) to do that. Is there a way to do this as part of my workflow inside Dorico?

No. For that, you would need to use a third-party software.

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OK, thanks. I’m glad to know that, at least on this particular occasion, I am not completely daft.
I would really like to see this capability added. It seems like a small thing, but it adds up.

Yes, I agree this is something that it would be neat for Dorico to be able to do. We hope to introduce this feature in a future version of the software.


This “bug” just happened to me in Dorico 4 when trying to submitting coursework. I didn’t realise that Dorico had caused this problem until after submitting my coursework because a check of a few sample parts indicated that things had exported without a problem. It turns out that the ones that I didn’t check had the issue. Is there a fix for this glaring error in the works?

No bug has so far been identified, so if you have repeatable steps to produce the issue, then please post them.

Apart from that: make sure you have “All Pages” selected, and wait for the print preview to appear, which can take a second for big files/multiple layouts.