Pages missing when exporting to PDF

Hi there - to replicate, load a score with many parts. In Dorico click print. Select all Layouts and ensure “All pages” is selected. Then export. If you do this in fairly rapid succession then the first few items in the layout print without an issue, but the remainder print with just the first page.

The second time I try to export, the problem does not occur. It seems to be related to this “thinking” time that PainoLeo, High5ths, and Herakles all mention.

I have just replicated this problem quite easily and have attached one part that, on the first attempt (no thinking time) only exported page 1 - and the 2nd attempt (with thinking time) it exports all 3 pages.

Note that “All Pages” was selected on BOTH these exports. In fact, there was no difference at all between attempt 1 and 2 except that there was some “thinking” time between them.

1st Attempt - With Erorr.pdf (49.9 KB)
2nd Attempt - No Error.pdf (65.0 KB)

I should also add that the print-preview had appeared on the first attempt. I am using Dorico Pro

There is a 4.0.10 update. I don’t know whether that will improve things.

The first day with Dorico 4, I had a couple of times that when I went to print-to-PDF my layouts (8 parts, 2 pages each), about half of them ended up as PDF files, but the others went directly to a printer. There seems to be some weirdness with the setting of print parameters for the layouts that are not in view. It hasn’t happened to me since that first day. I think I became more deliberate in how I was using the print mode.

That doesn’t sound like exactly the same problems you described because in my case, all the pages came out – but some went to a destination I didn’t want.

If there was something other than user error in my case, it may have already been fixed in the first maintenance batch.

This topic has been discussed again only recently in this thread:

Hi Estigy - thanks for the link. It’s a shame that it’s happening to other people, but in a way I’m pleased that it’s not personal to me! I feel slightly vindicated.

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It’s a bit disturbing if people are saying that this failure never has been told, as I did a year ago and somebody else in this post too. This still happens to me from time to time. It a bug people from Dorico. If it happens it happens to the last few layouts I have in a large project.
It’s very difficult to reproduce because it just exports the pdf’s but some parts only the first page.

It would mean a great deal to me if this problem is being investigated more. Now I have to post check ALL parts to make sure this doesn’t happen. These kind of Finale like flaws should really be eliminated. Sorry to say so.

By the way, a progress bar during loading the print proofs would be nice too. Now I sometimes have to wait almost a minute before something happens. If I click on a different thing during these calculations it takes minutes. I have a super fast MacBook :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes! This happened to my several times and most certainly always I have been clicking to eagerly n the export button because it wasn’t clear that Dorico was “thinking”. A progress bar would be super helpful in combination with a greyed-out/unclickable export button so this mistake cannot happen.

In addition to the view options Page Width and Whole Page I would appreciate to see a smaller “overview” of all pages. This could also be a visual clue to wether Dorico really created the part correctly.

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I can confirm that PDF export still randomly drops pages when exporting parts in Dorico on OSX.

I just completed 10 charts, with 18 parts in each (180 separate part documents). When proof reading I found in 4 parts batches (4 of the 10 charts) that parts had missing pages.

When this issue occurred, it was last 3 or 4 instruments in set of 18 that would export incorrectly. These incorrect parts had exported page 1, with the remaining pages missing. On re-exporting these incorrect parts, without changing any settings in the export menu, the parts would export correctly.

In observing Dorico export parts, usually it processes them very quickly, however on occasion it would ‘hang’ for 10sec’s or so and then process them. I’m can’t confirm, but suspect that it’s on these occasions, where the is a hang, that problems occur.

4.2 fixed the problem for me. You should try the update I think

Yes, we fixed this problem in Dorico 4.2. Please update.

Be sure to download and install the latest version of Steinberg Activation Manager as well.

Thanks for the heads up Gianstaps and Daniel.

I’m not one to update in the middle of a gig so the 4.2 update was tantalizing but I had to hold off.

Gig is over, update done and for the hell of it, I just re-exported all 190 documents and can confirm, no pages were dropped.

Dorico Dev. team for the WIN!