Paid .5 releases?

Will there be paid .5 releases after Cubase 12?

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There is no .5 release. The next version is 12. There will be no 11.5 (that doesn’t mean there won’t be a bug fix although I don’t know that)

Thank you for your answer, but If you look very closely and with attention you will find out that my very short question was regarding Cubase 12.5 and not 11.5. :wink:


Well I can’t imagine you will get an answer to that. Steinberg don’t let us know things like that in advance. Especially since 12 hasn’t been released yet. That’s why I assumed you meant an 11.5 upgrade. Maybe admin will reply differently

No worries. I apologize, If you found my reply offensive. :slight_smile:

No problem :+1:

He did correct his assumption in his next post…

SB staff might have said something about that in one of the three verrrry long threads about the new license system.

I can only comment on the next version and that will be Cubase 12.