Steinberg Licensing & USB eLicenser

Also , what about using SX licence on my XP machine ?

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As long as your USB eLicenser is working you will be able to launch SX on that XP system.

What about a C12 licence , that would mean your splitting the licences ?

When you update your Cubase 11 license to Cubase 12, the Cubase 11 license will remain on the USB eLicenser and a new Cubase 12 license will be granted in your Steinberg account. You will still be able use the USB eLicenser with the C11 license to start your legacy Cubase SX. The C11 license on the USB eLicenser will just get a tag that it has already been used to update to Cubase 12. But that’s it.


Excellent. This is like a gift of one license from SB.

Ok , your starting to win me over here , so you will be splitting the licences and it would be possible to run C12 and SX at the same time on different machines ?

Yes, that would be possible.


apart from the one on the dongle is on a potential death sentence - when the servers get switched off . Ben answered in another thread - it’s possible that if you haven’t upgraded your dongle licences by the time the servers go…well SB are not sure yet.

I’d rather not have the ‘freebie’ but the knowledge of knowing my licences are safe :slight_smile:

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Thanks for confirming , thats a nice gesture ,will wait to see how the change over to the new system goes before jumping in for the lastest and greatest like i normally do this time , but thank you for your time and input , much appreciated

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So, in essence, if we own Cubase 11, once 12 launches and we upgrade to it, everything on the usb elicenser will be considered legacy, from Cubase 11 and back?

If so, could I be using Cubase 11 via usb elicenser on one computer, and at the same time Cubase 12 on another computer via the new licensing scheme?

If so, until when? Will there be a time where the usb elicenser will cease to function for Cubase 11 and back?

it will work until the dongle breaks - when the servers eventually switched off there is ZERO support on the legacy licences - when they’re gone, they’re gone.

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So you won’t be able to transfer your legacy licence to another dongle you already own if the SX one breaks ?

As long as the eLicenser server is active, there will be ways.

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Matthias , you are worth your weight in gold sir :grin:

what ways ?

the FAQ is fairly clear on this, and Ed repeated it

when it breaks it’s gone

EDIT - are you committing to keep supporting the elicencer then ?
EDIT 2 - "when the elicencer server is active’…but the plan is to switch it off

Oh, so one can do a precautionary “transfer to new shiny usb elicenser” during the phase that the server is still running and then? Pray more?

once the elicencer server is OFF - the dongle is unsupported…it will still work in a PC but the licences are on that dongle forever…until it breaks.

it’s also possible that they will be locked for upgrade purposes too - they haven’t decided yet …but it’s an option.

I have been answering questions for the last seven hours. Maybe I am getting soft…

I would guess (you see, now I am already guessing…) that when the license and USB eLicenser are registered, the eLicenser server is still running and Ed has a good day, there might be the chance that the support team will help you. But I might I have to delete this answer later, when I get a call from Ed. So no promise.

Matthias - I don’t think you made a mistake - at least in your answer :slight_smile:

you were specific in saying ‘when the servers were ON’

the plan is to turn them off at some stage - it’s outlined in your FAQ

At that point the dongle is unsupported and possibly unsupported as an upgrade path also. (should still work as a dongle of course!)