Would it be appropriate (understood if the moderators think not) to say how re-assuring I for one find it to see musicians and the ‘scoring community’ discussing the good fortune we have of being Dorico users, and how it enhances our life - and provides perspective - at a time of great external threat?

Thanks, everyone; and stay well and safe!

Corona (or Coronata) in old musical Italian means a general fermata, where everybody stops, when everything comes to a halt…
„Pausam generalem“

Lovely, k_b: where’s it from?

Hopefully everyone is safe and well, and finding lots of time for honing Dorico skills!

Wow, even I as a German native speaker did not think of this “Corona” marking thingy.
Great parallels to our current lives!

In the Wozzeck score, Berg consistently refers to each fermata as a “Couronne”. I remember that it took me a while until I realised what he meant.

Still less weird, though, than Schönberg, who uses the term “Haltung”, which usually carries a distinctly different meaning in modern German than the one he is drawing from it (it actually works better in English, where you can pretty straightforwardly translate it as “halting”, as a noun).

It is from
Walther, Johann Gottfried: Musicalisches Lexicon
Leipzig 1732.

on page 186:

It’s good to escape from the madness outside into the cool fragrant Dorico cloisters

Here I had been thinking what a relief it was that there was ONE place on the web I could go where nothing was said about this very pervasive threat. And, lo, here we are talking about it HERE! Oh well. At least this is a pleasant thread, and I love the example k_b brought.

Everybody PLEASE stay healthy and happy!!!

Last night something happened which will force us out of our self-imposed isolation to get dental help: the crown fell off one of my teeth.

The dentist office always turns off the canned muzak while I’m there, showing great consideration for my abhorrence of it. Perhaps on Monday they will be playing something by Sarasate.

Stay safe, one and all.

Take care Mark. Hope things go well.

You too! Thanks :slight_smile:

A new (and rather disturbing development) is ‘denier parties’ here in the US.

Tonight we had to contend with a group of neighbours a couple of doors down blocking the road by sitting as closely together as they could in large numbers drinking beer with the sound source turned up in defiance of the order under which California is now operating and in defiance of the seriousness of SARS-2.

I just hope the CA shelter-in-place order is not stopping food-industry workers from going to work when healthy.
Sorry some of your neighbors are not taking this seriously.

Thanks, Derrek. Yes CA shelter-in-place has provisions for most services like that.

The neighbours were carrying out an act of denial - as many here do over the climate catastrophe (to which SARS-2 is linked, of course), and as a gesture which attempts to persuade the gullible and ill-informed that the pandemic is a hoax to remove T**mp.

Back to the bars :slight_smile:

I’ve seen discussions on a normally serious law forum, on whether or not banning any form of assembly is contrary to the US constitution and whether these orders should be put on hold until the Supreme Court has considered the matter.

Only in the USA… :wink:

Hmmm… not because of the Latin? co-rō-na “garland worn on the head as a mark of honor or emblem of majesty, halo around a celestial body, top part of an entablature (a horizontal, continuous lintel on a classical building supported by columns or a wall, comprising the architrave, frieze, and cornice.)”, the root of crown etc.

Perhaps you think they called it a corona because you had to … frieze?

Well, actually… in the German discourse there are a few voices trying to start such a discussion, arguing that we might be on the path towards authoritarianism. With respect to the US there is the difference, though, that I can be reasonably certain that this discussion will remain on the fringe over here.

The etymology of the word does seem most often to be from its shape… bending. Indeed, one source has:

from suffixed form of PIE root *sker-

to turn or bend; where PIE is Proto-IndoEuropean.

One should indeed be concerned about authoritarianism; just that, as I understand it, the US constitution (implicitly, and as there was no provision for pandemics in the C18th) allows for measures taken to avert catastrophes to take precedence over conventional forms of ‘government’.

If the medics have to fight SARS-2 on two fronts (caring for the sick + controlling the deniers) things will surely get worse.

Placido Domingo today announced that he is infected.

I hope we are not going to get into political discussions on this forum. We can get that on Twitter, etc. if we want it.