Paranthesizing a note

It is often necessary in a song to indicate that a note only applies to certain verses. This is usually done by putting parantheses ( ) around the note. I cannot find a way of doing this. Am I missing something?

Nope. There’s not currently a good way of doing this, though it’s very much on the development team’s radar. The easiest way is to create brackets using Shift+X text, turn off their Avoids Collisions property, then drag into place in Engrave mode. If you then Propagate Properties with the brackets selected, they should be placed correctly in the parts as well as the score.

Thanks. That sort of works but messes up staff spacing, which then needs fixing. Handy workround though.

If you switch off the ‘Avoids collisions’ property as Leo suggests, then it won’t have a bad effect on the staff spacing.

What about this solution?

Andre, thanks for digging up that thread - I was looking for it yesterday!