Pass on MIDI data to inserts on the Instrument channel

Would save a lot of time if there was a simple button you could click on an Instrument track that would send the MIDI data to the inserts on the channel… i.e. some plugins like Rift can use MIDI data to trigger envelopes etc… currently the only way is to create a MIDI track and send or route the data to the plugin, which is great for various routing options but when you just want the same MIDI data to goto the inserts of the instrument track you’re working with it takes far too long.

Also, I know it’s been requested before but can we have the MIDI send options on Instrument tracks, again it’s more effort than it needs to be to have to create a MIDI track to send MIDI info if you want to layer synths etc…

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For quick use, and simple tasks, or in a composition context, MIDI on instrument tracks is really handy. But in every other context, making a separate MIDI track seems to be the best option. So much so, that It isn’t even a question for me any more. I wire up instruments in what I call a “kit” and I save them as external track archives, and then use those instead. When I want to use a new instrument I haven’t made a “Kit” for, I just copy an existing “Kit” and edit it.

I tried asking for what you are getting at here;

And this is how I work, here: