Pastel Track Colours

I have included Seyoum’s Pack + Pastels as one .cpr file. Enjoy.

Inspired by Seyoum’s Iro Colour Pack, I decided to share my own colour palette for Cubase.

You can Download Here

To apply, open the .cpr file with Cubase, then click the colour box and then “Select Colours” at the bottom.
Click options then “Save Current Set as Program Defaults”
Start a new project.
To apply to an old project do the same as above but click “Load Program Defaults”


Thanks for the new colors but using this method replaces the default file instead of adding to the already 64 colors by Seyoum. Can you include a txt file with colors codes to add and not replace the files already in the xml file?

Thanks again for your wonderful work!

I see what you mean, it was my intention to replace the colours and not add them to the IRO pack.

Here is the section from the XML file nonetheless if a user wished to integrate it themselves into the pack Cubase Pastel Colours - - OBSOLETE as of 1/11/14

Thanks Tyrcian. The colors look very nice and practical, but do you know if it would be possible to create a download link that, as mentioned above, won’t replace the default file and won’t replace the 64 colors by Seyoum, without messing around in XML?

This is great stuff, but as a musician editing in XML often makes me a bit edgy even though I know I can ultimately get everything back to normal if there is a screw-up. More importantly, if a drive crashes, it would be nice when reinstalling to simply have these files to install instead of having to go back and start over editing XML.


Unfortunately not no. But the XML seems pretty easy, maybe just try copying and pasting that code into the relevant section. I’d list all the RGB/Hex values but for some reason Steinberg removed those controls from the colour select screen, which seems like a bit of a step backwards to me.

Sorted the Iro + my pastel colours, just waiting on the OK from Seyoum to publish it, or I can provide instructions to do it yourself (literally copy and pasting a block of text into a specific place in the defaults.xml file)

For the meantime check the download link as I’ve added a lot more colours and reordered them.

Nice colours, but I would also like to append these to the existing colours. I have located the default.xml in which colours are specified, but where do you insert the pastel colours in the list, in all the lists ?


Hopefully if we just be a bit more patient, Tyrcian can make this a bit easier. It’s sad Steinberg doesn’t see the potential here and pick up where both Tyrcian and Seyoum left off.

This is stuff every day users can appreciate.

In the default.xml search for “PColorController”…

Please find updated xml info here, you need to paste directly after

<string name="Group" value="PColorController"/>
         <member name="Values">
            <obj class="UColorSet" name="Event Colors" ID="912179440">
               <string name="SetName" value="Event Colors" wide="true"/>
               <list name="Set" type="list">

If you want to keep the old colours just make sure you insert the copied text rather than overwriting your colours. It’s pretty easy to see which colour is an individual item in the text.


                     <string name="Name" value="2" wide="true"/>
                     <int name="Color" value="4285098345"/>

Is one colour.

Thanks, I can find that,

Let me know if you have any problems, there’s updated code on the download thread.

Updated to include Seyoum’s Iro and my Pastel colours in one .cpr file. Please see original post.

Website is just a grey background with a grey box and nothing else in Chrome under Windows 8.1

same on IE


Same link problems.

My apologies guys, I recently moved my domain from to .com as my package was about to end. Fixed the link above or you can just click here

Tyrcian ,

Question/Help for the stupid here.

If i install your version 2 following the instructions in post #1 does it add to steinberg’s colour palette or does it wipe out their palette and replace them with yours.

And if i don’t like your colour palette how do i get back to steinberg’s colour choices ?

As long as you insert the text rather than overwriting the colours it should just add them on. To revert to defaults click the colour drop down menu and then go to “select colours” a window should open up and at the bottom is another drop down menu with “reset to factory defaults” after you’ve done that, save current set as program defaults.

Nice to see that the collection of colors are growing :smiley: I didn’t think this would be so popular.