PC died now need Downloader but getting 504 gateway error

Just picked up my PC after a Windows Network error.

Now attempting to reinstall Cubase pro 12 and Absolute 6 and other instruments but cannot download the elicensor or download assistant.
I have deleted my elicense number from my PC when it went in to get fixed.
have no idea what to do now.

Lots of software gone in a puff of smoke.

Windows 11 machine.

Gateway 504 error everytime.

What do I do ???

Hi There,

I just checked for you and I found the same issue on trying to download.
I have the following files/dates and would be happy to upload same to dropbox for you so you can get working, if they’re not too old for you?

19/Nov/22 eLicenserControlSetup.exe
25/Mar/23 Steinberg_Activation_Manager_Installer_win.zip
03/sep/22 Steinberg_Download_Assistant_1.33.2_Installer_win.exe

My Products are all listed but I can’t activate them.

I used the previous Elicensor but can’t use it.

I’m only a user like you but hopefully one of the Cubase support guys will see this or realise soon that their server isn’t working. Good luck!

My Products are shown activated but DO NOT show up in the Elicensor.

I have NOTHING in the Elicensor.

On suicide watch.

What does Deactivate do???

Will the Activation Codes show up again if I deactivate???

No Idea how to get my software back.

P.S I downloaded that jsong file which shows my Activation codes but when putting them in the Elicensor,it tells me I need a USB Elicensor.

So no Insurance from Steinberg if your PC Dies?

They take forever to respond.

I deactivated my products in the hope the Activation Codes would show up but now have my products listed to no PC.

FFS,I’m going insane here.


I see all my Activation codes but when putting them in the Elicensor,they are not recognised.

I really really hate Steinberg’s activation software,it is the worst.

@Martin.Jirsak is a very helpful Cubsae support guy and has been on line in the last hour and may know whether there is a current Steinberg website connection issue that nees to be resolved before you restart the installation process :wink:

Waiting here.

Still gateway 504 error with latest eLicensor software.

The Earlier elicensor software works but none of my Products show up even though they are listed in my Account Profile.

Same problem as last week.
Feel free to use this solution:

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Cubase 12 isn’t using the eLicenser anymore.

Cubase 12 Pro and Absolute 6 in the drain for now until I find out how to get my activation codes back.

Thrown money in the drain sigh.

When I tried to install Cubase 12 Pro,it asks for the Elicensor key.

The Download assistant just runs in a loop ,not doing anything.

P.S. it finally started up and showing all software.

Now to see if the Software works.

Sheesh,I reckon I could solve the theory Of relativity faster than using Steinberg’s Activation software.

I’d expect you should need to log on in the Activation manager (Which is installed automatically as you install the SDA)

Now where is the Library assistant software???

I have all my Steinberg samples safely in another SSD than k God but I think I need the library assistant to tell it where the samples are.

Steinberg lol,migraine city.

BTW,the download Assistant is running at 244 kb per sec.

By this time next year ,I will have Cubase installed.

Went down to 55kb per sec sigh.

This Steinberg Library Manager link seems to work:

Otherwise it will be installed together with the SDA.

Even better news:
Steinberg seems to be working on the site and it is again available:

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No. It doesn’t.
If you installed an update from 11 it asked you once about the license to update. After that, it doesn’t use the eLicenser anymore.
IT’s Steinberg Licensing now.
Open Steinberg Activation Manager, login to your My Steinberg account and activate your license.

Well I finally have Cubase installed ,yay.
Just taking a looong time to download.

I have all my content on a seperate folder in another drive.

Is there a way for Halion and Cubase to see the content ?

I opened the Steinberg library manager,pointed it to the external drive but the Manager would not refresh with the content,it says “No Library Found”.

I fixed the download speed by selecting 2 downloads at once instead of 5.

Aaah ,relax at last.