Percentage increase or decrease in tempo

Does anyone know if there is a way to increase or decrease all the various tempos in a project by a certain percentage. For example, select entire tempo from start to finish and increase it 6%. If you had 50 different tempos in a project you could calculate the percent increase for each one and then manually change each one. Seems like a lot of work.

I think one needs to use the function “Process Tempo” for this.
It can be found in the Tempo Editor.

Select all tempo events first, open the dialog, change the parameter “New Length” in such way that the underneath “Equivalent Tempo Scaling” reads either 0.94 (6% slower) or 1.06 (6% faster).
Click “Process” when all is set.


It is actually much easier than that.

Make a PLE preset like this:

This will behave on any tempo events you select.

You can remove the Property “Is Selected” line if you want to change the tempo events for the entire track.

And of course if you want different percentage amounts just change the math on the “Trim” line:

1.1 will multiply by 1.1 (10%)
1.06 would be 6%


Bear in mind that you cannot go to crazy extremes here as there are limits to the range of tempo.

You can find this, and many other PLE presets (free) on my GumRoad:


Hi again, @Phil_Pendlebury Phil!

I clicked on the link you provided, but didn’t see any PLEs. Didn’t have time to play the vid … maybe more info there?


Gumroad is a store like any other store. The presets are free but you have to add them to the cart etc.

Click the button “I want this “. :slight_smile:

Online shops like these typically asks for an email address even though the product is free. I recommend using a throwaway email account in that case. Just for some peace of mind that your address doesn’t end up where it shouldn’t.

Yes of course, I’m trying to collect all your emails so I can do nefarious things with them. I’m going to build up a list of millions, so I can take over the world. :yawning_face:

But seriously.

The store thing works really well for me, it also allows people to offer small amounts for your hard work, even if it is offered free.

But of course I completely understand that there are always people who will try to look for something negative in a situation, like when someone offers a free solution to someone else’s question. :man_facepalming:

I also note that, since posting this solution, the presets have had 4 downloads. 1 of which (using a normal email), generously paid £3.00

The others who were using “secret” email accounts, offered nothing. But they won’t receive notifications about updates.

Enjoy. :pray:t3:

See. I called it.

I sincerely hope that made you at least as happy as downloading the free presets did.


I was only curious to see if I could “cheat” the system. :slight_smile:
I have no need for your presets. Or your relentless self-promotion in these forums. There are many professionals visiting here but very few repeatedly posts links to their own business.
You know… read the room, maybe? :heart:


Oh baby!

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This, as with all my posts, is not about self promotion at all. What do you think, I’m making hundreds of dollars from this?

If I have the solution to an issue and I have already taken the time to either make a video about it, or / and design some presets or software to solve if, then it’s just the simplest and fastest way to address the issue.

Your comment was just not needed at all. It shows bitterness and no regard for someone else’s hard work. It did not contribute to the topic and in fact I’m kicking myself for even acknowledging it in the first place. I should have known better. But tbh if you don’t like the way I do things, the forum has a very effective “ignore” feature.

I already have your email @steve :slight_smile: :joy:

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I’m not bitter. :slight_smile:
To my defense, I tried sending the reply in a PM, but you don’t except those.

As the original poster, I must say that I’m not against someone offering a solution for some sort of compensation, in this case an email address. Nobody is being forced to purchase his product, it is totally voluntary. It may very well be worth it for me. Or not.

Past that, I would be interested to hear from someone who works for Steinberg on this technical matter outlined in my original post.

It’s free.

If you want an actual ‘official’ response from Steinberg, you should open a support ticket.

In any case two solutions have been provided for you that do exactly what you asked for.


and I will provide a 3rd:
(posted in error)

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And there you have it. There are multiple solutions and some will be better than others.

Probably not worth opening a support ticket since there are several workable solutions that have been offered, for which I am highly appreciative. But I know the Steinberg people often post and I was curious about what they had to say.

Only for you. It’s completely subjective.

The people who have posted are actually more expert than some of the Steinberg folks. You should try the workflows and see what suits you. There’s even one more way to do it.

Thanks to all who offered their advice and expertise. I will try these out later today when I get off work. Actually, it’s St. Valentine’s Day and also Ash Wednesday, so maybe it will be tomorrow. thanks again!

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Thank you, once again @Phil_Pendlebury for your help in these fora. You’ve helped me before, and maybe those PLEs and LEs you so kindly offered (and for free!) will be what it takes to get me over the hump with those two things! :grin:

Have a great day!

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