Percentage increase or decrease in tempo

Hi @john_robison, (and others here) :slight_smile:

I just wanted to point out that the 3 solutions offered are all available without the need to download or pay for anything. In my case, I offered the screenshot so you can just make the PLE yourself if you want to. And if you made it yourself you will be able to make multiple PLEs that have different values and can be assigned to simple key commands, for one press operation.

On my Gumroad the download includes a load of other PLEs that may have been useful that’s all. (Or if you didn’t feel like making it yourself).

I am constantly trying to make people aware of the PLE because it is very powerful and able to do so many things that may not be so immediately obvious.

That is really its purpose.

About the store, personally, I use the GumRoad store because it makes it so much easier to distribute things, rather than trying to keep track of multiple Dropbox or Google Drive folders and so on. Also, it enables attaching files and showing details / examples etc. and offering support.

Plus, I do have some items there that are fully coded big development items that require proper support and so on. In the past (for example with MEAP), it was all hosted on its own site with its own forums and so on, but it just becomes such a huge thing to keep up with. (And of course, hosting charges can get very high).

Anyway, thanks for the kind words, everyone. Have a great day ahead.

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Having offered the first solution to your question: In all honesty I tried to use the PLE but could not get the settings right. Thats why I went to “Process Tempo”.
However, @Phil_Pendlebury showed the correct settings for PLE and personally I would recommend to use this method. It is more elegant than mine.

In Cubase there are sometimes several ways to get the same result and you should chose what works better for you. Good luck.

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