Scaling tempo by percent, part 2

I debated whether to just continue a thread, but decided this should probably be it’s own topic.

Certain segments of a piece may be faster tempo than the initial tempo, and other segments may be slower. Is it possible to reduce the tempo in the fast parts by a certain percentage to get it closer to the initial tempo. Simultaneously, increase the slower tempo parts by a certain percentage in order to get them closer (but not all the way) to the initial tempo? It is an easy matter to make them all the same tempo, but that may sound too robotic. Just trying to even things out but retain feel. Here are a couple of before processing and after processing screenshots of tempo track that demonstrate what I have in mind:




Just like other tracks, select the events you want to adjust, hover the mouse over the centre top of the track until the cursor changes to “Scale Vertically”. Or “Move Vertically”.


I was asking if it was currently possible to scale the tempo all in one action, either positively or negatively in order to approach the median tempo by varying degrees and maintaining the relative relationships.

Adjusting tempo one bar at a time is too laborious, especially when considering to maintain the relative values that would require calculating the resulting tempo for each segment that you want to adjust. I used to be a college mathematics teacher so the calculations are easy . . . there are just too many of them. That’s why computers were invented!

Oh! It works on the Tempo Track!
It doesn’t quite on automation nodes unfortunately. The Move Vertically tool doesn’t move, it scales. I created a thread about that but it didn’t get any traction.

I just posted on your “no traction” post. Maybe that will help. In the meantime, you’ve given me something to check out! thanks

This works on however many tempo events you select, not on a per bar basis.

For me this isn’t quite the case. “Move Vertically” does move, but only in the “middle” range. Once the move has reached a certain point, either up or down, then it starts to scale. When I tested it just now, this behaviour seemed to make sense. (But it is 2 am where I am, so maybe I should get some sleep…)

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Thanks everyone. These comments got me to the point where I was able to tighten up but not eliminate the tempo variations. Here is a synopsis:

1: with the object selection tool draw a rectangle around the nodes on the tempo track that you want to be affected

2: when you hover over the selected area a small square appears at the right, as well as three small squares at the top

3: the small square at the right allows you to scale vertically around absolute center, or around relative center if you hold down the alt key (this is what I was looking for)

4: the small squares at the top right and top left allow you to tilt the scaling

5: the center top square allows you to either move or scale vertically

note: you do not have to select all nodes. Shift click to turn individual nodes on or off.

It works great!