Percussion Cue Headache

So I tried to be as creative as I could in coming up with a solution for this. There are 2 percussion parts and thankfully both include pitched instruments. However, this one passage in Percussion 1 needs a cue which comes out nicely, however, the composer wants the bass clef to be removed. I have tried making transparent and deleting it but nothing seems to make this bass clef go away. I understand that dorico is trying to tell me that the cue is in the timpani but the perc part is going from Wood Block to Bass Drum so I really don’t want to see the bass clef. I had to octave transpose the cue to make it look nice because otherwise I get two clefs next to each other. Is there anyway to hide this pesky bass clef?

You’re using an instrument change between a pitched instrument and a percussion kit, I guess? Is it really more helpful to hide the bass clef in that case? Bit odd to have a clarinet cue written in an unpitched clef? Or am I misunderstanding? (Entirely possible, especially today.)

No you’re right. I want to use the Clarinet treble clef from the cue. However, I have to enter the cue in a pitched instrument (the timpani) and the timpani is inflexible in changing the bass clef.

What about if you add a treble clef in the timpani at that point?

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That did work, thank you!