Percussion Map for Superior Drummer 3

Hello all,
I’m quite new to the Dorico-World (after 15 years working with Sibelius) and I try to find my way preparing all my instruments to work with Dorico.

I made a percussion map for Toontracks Superior Drummer 3 and it actually works quite well, but there is one very strange issue.

I set up different articulations for all the sounds (rim shots for snare and toms, chokes for the cymbals and so on) and they’re all playing correctly when I hit the Play-Button. But when I’m in Write-Mode and select notes with the mouse, fore some of them there is only the “natural”-sound playing, even though the right articulation is displayed above the note. Any idea why this happens?

Welcome to the forum, Christian. There are some situations where there is a mismatch between the playing technique that Dorico chooses for playback and what it is able to work out when auditioning. It’s something that we hope to improve in a future version. I’m sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

Hello Daniel,
thank you for the reply. I’m glad that it’s not my stupidity that causes this problem. So there’s hope!

One more question:
I didn’t understand the difference of outcome for “replace” and “add” (Playback playing technique in the Percussion Instrument Playing Techniques dialog in Edit Percussion Kit)

Thanks for your help.

The idea there is that when you have an articulation, say, it might add one specific technique without removing all the others. So say you’ve got a technique like “bell” to hit the bell of the cymbal, and then when you add an accent, you can get an extra technique like “ping” (this is all made up nonsense, you understand), so if you have it set to ‘Add’, Dorico will then look for “bell+ping”, whereas if you have it set to ‘Replace’, Dorico will look only for ‘ping’, i.e. ‘bell’ will be removed.

Alright, got it. Thanks again.