Performance mode like Ableton ?? Session View

Hi just want to know from everyone if you would like
to see Cubase with a Performance Mode , Session View like
Ableton Live. I believe Cakewalk has done this with Sonar,
Image line FL and the new Bitwig :slight_smile: Probably a huge programming task and
not to take away the direction Cubase is … I love Cubase right now so Im happy.

+1 !!!

Yes this is a must have ( as option!) i need to work with my macbook pro, and can´t do this very good…but with this option, everyone can work with only one Display!!!

Not sure if you mean the way the windows are laid out…
If Im wrong my apologies. :blush:

Session view is a way to trigger and arrange clips in real
time as a posed to going from left to right… :smiley:

Ok, so i misunderstanded you…

Sorry, i think this would never happen…cause than, Cubase is a complete other thing…

+++++++++++ :smiley:

Something similar to Session View would be great for composing in a nonlinear fashion.
It would give us an alternative to approach the composing process.


Not familiar with ‘Session view’ or Abelton but Cubase has the Arranger track for "composing in a nonlinear fashion.

-1 I don’t want Ableton, trying to appease loopers and DJs has messed Cubase up enough.

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+1 bloody hell we agree on something . let Cubase stay Cubase and live stay live !

I’m sure that is a sign of the Apocalypse… maybe a good time to run for the bomb shelter :laughing:

+++++1 YES YES and YES

I agree with JMC and G-string.

I guess the other way to approach this would be to go to Ableton and ask “Why isn’t LIVE as good as Cubase for composition, editing, audio engineering, etc. etc. etc.?”

Ableton has established a strong market hold on the performance based market.
It would be foolish for Steinberg to compete against them. Especially considering that that demographic is far more prone to cracking software so even if SB did compete they’d just be exposed to a bunch of kids trying to use the product without paying.

If SB wants to compete in that market place let them tinker with Sequel or something other than Cubase.

I actually own both LIVE and Cubase. If I had to choose only one it would be Cubase without hesitation.
But I’m not a DJ or looper.

Not me.

  • 1 !!

(I hate Ableton´s loopy-loop pattern handling)

Thanks Guys as Im curious to what people like, and the way people view Cubase…
As I said Im happy With the way Cubase is … :smiley:

There’s always LoopMash 2…for the Loop-ies!


Put me in the no camp too. I’d prefer SB devote its resources to its strengths. Plus I don’t think Cubase could really compete with Live on their home turf. Better to have two products that each excels at what they do than one that is so-so at both. Besides Live does support Rewire.

I’ve been thinking about this too, but more along the lines of just suggesting some kind of further development of the Arranger Track. I haven’t given a heck of lot of thought to exactly how the Arranger Track could evolve but there is definitely the beginnings of a pattern-based or clip-based (if desired) arrangement tool there. There is so much potential in the ability to quickly create and rearrange patterns and then flatten the arrangement back into a linear arrange page if desired.

Using Live and Cubase together for their strengths gives an amazing production capability, let both develop along separate paths I say.

Rewire is dead as of Ableton 10 so now can we have this discussion without Ableton as an option.
I’m 100% for getting a session view clip launching workflow, Apple did it with Logic, MOTU with DP, I see users praising but none complaining. Just don’t use new features if you don’t like them, really simple.

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