PFL Solo - a human right?

Yebo people. One thing I miss a lot is the possibility to pre fade (but post inserts) listen. Partly for the ability to quickly bring up a faint sound - dry and all - to detail-listening level, but most of all to actually be able to set the reverbs with the full blast of the entire mix running through them without having the original sounds messing up what I hear in particular.
Sure, this isn’t a huge problem when using predictable algorithmic 'verbs, but when trying to filter Altiverb for instance it can be a >huge< grief.
I do like the solo in place that’s there standard now as such, I often kinda wished that had been an option on the analogue consoles I used to work on to be honest, but a simple…say, shift-click or something would be a huge relief in tidying up messy acoustics. Not to mention being able to edit a raw sounds one-click without disturbing 'verbs and having to reset the levels each and every time you need to listen up close.
Right now I deal with the reverbs by sending pre-fade AUX from a single no-level channel, which feels like the very quintessential definition of emergency solution to be honest.

I do realize post insert/pre fade could be an issue with post fade inserts, but I’d happily sacrifice them for the rest here. The important thing to me is to being able to set the pre-fade dry and up close, and the reverbs totally isolated from the sources.

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Did you tried the “L” button? Maybe this gives some of your wanted functionality…
You can tailor it’s function a bit to your needs in the control room

sorry not much in the manual

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I’d appreciate pre Fader but post Insert Listen as well.
It is not implemented at the moment.
And if they decide to implement it, maybe they will be adding pre Fader but post Insert Metering as well… :crazy_face:


Don’t we already have that?

Unfortunately not, the only pre Fader Option is “Input”, which is pre Insert.
Whatever happens in the Inserts is not reflected.
Things like Signal Generator, the SMPTE Generator, NDI Input plugin or the correct state of tools like Muteomatic can not be seen (and also not be heard with PFL) with Fader down. (Or muted)


Huh… you’re right of course. I’ve never thought about that…