Phantom ribbon bar on Mixer 2

Not service affecting, but when I open a project, Mixer 2 has a ‘phantom’ ribbon bar at the bottom.

All channels are displayed and the ribbon is non-functional…

The ‘fix’ is to do something simple like open the left zone and then close it and the bar goes away!!

Has anyone else seen this?

You must have your ‘zones’ activated in the visibly part of the mixer , the left hand panel which you can activate via the icon on the right handtop bar , you can choose left , middle or right

Understood… but nothing is active when I load the project - I don’t keep any zones active typically. But when I activate any of them and then deactivate them, the mixer looks like it’s supposed to. The ‘phantom’ ribbon only appears on the fresh load of the project… any project. And it’s only Mixer 2.

@FilterFreq The user is talking about the scrollbar that is incorrectly displayed in front of the channels, not about the visibility zones…
This issue is in the wiki list already.

This happens when the channels almost fill the entire MixConsole space, but not enough for needing a scrollbar, or even when there’s only a few channels.
One workaround is to tweak the channels width with the buttons, but apparently it returns the next time you open the MixConsole. The only way to get rid of this bug is to make the real functional scrollbar appear.

Here, have a look :

Not a functional issue. Just got around to posting it. Thank, Louis.