Physical controller for Cubase

Hi all,
I’m looking for a physical controller that is compatible with Cubase. I prefer the physicality of mixer sliders rather than using the mouse. Anyone have any thoughts?


Nektar Panorama

I have a Behringer X-Touch (regular not compact or mini) that works great. Nice to to use faders instead a mouse.

Thanks for replies.
I was also looking at the Icon Qcon Pro as I can add an interface to it.
I’m running out of inputs on my i818 for my synths

Another vote for Nektar Panorama

You can control most things in Cubase, including custom macros.

Wow-that Nektar looks pretty sweet! I have a Kontrol 25, and feeling like I need more keys…

I have been using the QconPro for a few years.

For any MCU protocol type controllers including Qcon, here are my biggest concerns:
(scroll to 4th post)

Is Icon even continuing with the QconPro or will the Icon Pro X replace it? I would avoid the Pro X for a while. It’s new and the extenders won’t even be available for a while. Honestly, I would avoid any Version 1 of a controller.

With that said, my Qcon Pro is working very well. If you are comparing the Qcon Pro to the Mackie MCU and Behringer X-touch, IMO a lot comes down to personal tastes. Size, build, and warranty are important. Keep in mind since they are all MCU, the functions will be very similar.

Good luck!

One thing I forgot to mention in my earlier post was the motorized faders on the X-Touch (and similar). Having faders that follow existing automation is a real game changer for me. It makes it so much easier to fine tune a mix over multiple passes. Not too long ago that capability would have cost many tens of thousands of dollars, that we can have it now for ~$600 is kind of amazing.

Does the time display on the X-Touch work with Cubase? I saw a video where someone said they couldn’t get it to work.

bit of show stopper for me if it didn’t.

That’s an old problem. It works fine as long as you have the latest version of the X-Touch’s firmware installed.

I think I’ve pretty much decided on the X touch based on cost / functionality. I’ve heard the build quality is pretty good too. The only real negative from what I can see are the ergonomics.
Thanks EVERYONE for their input - much appreciated!

Ok. Thanks. I’ve been looking at this as a potential controller, but I just couldn’t find any videos of it with the time display working in Cubase.

I’m sure you’ll like it. The scribble strip can be hard to read depending on the angle. Looking down on it works best. I found this stand fits it great. At the lowest level it is easy to read the strips & it even fits under my desk.

Also there is an overlay that shows how Cubase maps commands onto the X-Touch.

In my opinion, look for a used M-Audio Project Mix I/O. Even if you don’t use it as an interface, you can use the controller section as the audio driver and control surface portion run separately. I found a used one for $200 USD to replace my aging Steinberg Houston controller (Still bitter as hell on the abandonment of that device, Steinberg). A steal of a deal and a great unit. Quiet motors on the faders and it works flawlessly with Cubase. YMMV.

Nektar Panorama owners:
Can the motorized fader be used to write automation? Everything I see says it’s for controlling the track volume, but can it be used for the other automation lanes as well? Do you just focus on the correct automation lane?

So I hit the buy button on this and it’s now staring at me in the box. On further investigation and before I get it out of the box, I’m looking to get a Softube Console 1 Mk 2 in the near future. Do you think the X Touch would become redundant or do you think they’d happily live side by side? I do like the tactile feel that real sliders bring but there is obviously going to be some cross over between two units. Or, since I’m getting the Softube at some point should I get something more simple instead of the XTouch? I looked at the Nektar Panorama but really do want motorised faders. I’ve also looked at the Icon Platform M, but by the time I’ve added the screen to it it’s only £60 less than I paid for the XTouch (£486).

The answer is: it can only be used for volume. bummer!

really? I hadn’t tried using it for anything but volume but I thought all the faders could be set to control other stuff besides volume. Maybe this is only when it’s controlling vsts?

I had a P6 for a while, and liked most things about it, but the fader turned out to be pretty useless compared to its size and prominence on the keyboard.