Piano chord playback option

I was wondering whether a playback option could be built in which allows to adjust the highest note in upper stave piano chords and the lowest note in lower stave piano chords louder than the rest. That would be the way a pianist would normally play.

In Dorico 3.5 one could selects those notes using the filter, which is not (yet) possible in Dorico 4.0 since the selection in velocity editor is lost upon clicking on a velocity bar. However it would be nice to have an option so that the amount of modifications would be smaller.

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I think you should be able to do this already in Dorico 4.0.20, Michael. Filter the notes that you want to adjust so they are selected, then open the velocity editor in the Key Editor in the lower zone: provided you click and drag on one of the bars that is already selected, the selection will be retained and the adjustment will be applied to all of the selected notes.

Unfortunately, as you immediately notice when editing piano notes, this does not work for chords in Dorico 4.0.20. Clicking on simultaneously sounding notes still expands the selection to other chord notes in most cases - the histogram tool is the only way to solve the thread problem at the moment.

Sorry to say that Dan, your proposal most of the time does not work here. I managed to very rarely find a spot to click at where it worked like you said but most of the time either all notes are deselected upon clicking or a single note.

I currently open the file in Dorico 3.5, edit these things there and go back to 4.0 after that.

I also tried in 4.0.30 - no change.

If I click above one of the selected notes it is selected alone. If I click in between and drag, the velocity bars do not move and the selection is cleared afterwards. Most of the time I cannot find a spot where the selection is retained and the velocity bars are scaled as in 3.5.

Yes, I can see that the behaviour Bertram describes is indeed what’s happening. We will be doing some more work on the velocity editor shortly, so we’ll take care of this issue then. Similarly I will also make sure that you can see and edit the velocity value for a selected note via the Properties panel.


Thank you Bertram for the recommendation to use the histogram editor on the selection, this works for me until the fix comes out!

Glad I do not have to revert to Dorico 3.5 now!