Piano roll ignoring MIDI Inserts

Is this normal behavior?
I have a MIDI insert on the track with a transpose of +4 (Midi Modifier).

A) If I press a C key on my midi keyboard, the instrument plays an E. Great!
B) When I play the sequencer, a C note in the piano roll, the instrument plays an E. Great!
C) When I mouse click on the C note in the piano roll or use the draw tool , the instrument plays a C.

Shouldn’t the piano roll be consistent so me clicking in/on notes the transpose is added? Not easy to try to adjust the midi if everything is off by 4 semitones, as in this example.

Steinberg, please comment.
C13.0.30. Win 10.

The MIDI Inserts are applied during playback so it is non-destructive to the original MIDI Data. Think of aggregators as a classic use case.

Cubase offers several different mechanisms to Transpose MIDI Data. Some are destructive and modify the original MIDI Data while others aren’t.

Here’s a recent discussion about it.

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Well, that’s my point. I click on a midi note in the piano roll, in order to PLAYBACK that note. But it is NOT transposed. The C3 plays a C3, despite a transpose of +4, so it should sound the same as during DAW playback, or a C3 played from my keyboard.

Cases A), B), and C) are all non-destructive. But C) has a bug as it doesn’t transpose. This gets even crazier when having key switches. Clicking on an existing key switch in the piano roll triggers the wrong key switch compared to what is triggered during playback.

I’d call this a bug or design flaw. Makes no sense to keep it like this. Now the transpose insert is broken, so I guess I have to skip this feature.

Suggest again that Steinberg kindly review this behavior. Thx.


If you click a Note, you don’t playback the project, you audition the Note instead. That’s something different.

In Cubase 12 the note gets properly transposed when clicking on the piano roll.

It gets transposed when using MIDI Modifiers when using “accoustic feedback”.
It does not get transposed through “accoustic feedback” if the midi insert is used.

If the section MIDI Modifiers is bypassed transpose does not occur for the piano roll anymore (as expected) but still occurs for accoustic feedback.

So, in C12 the piano roll works just fine. Accoustic feedback is a bit messed up.
Seems like in C13 Steinberg solved the issue by removing the functionality of applying modifiers and inserts to the piano roll and to accoustic feedback in total.
Question is: Was this done on purpose or by accident?

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That’s pretty funny! I’ve never noticed.


I’m not with Cubase at this moment, so I cannot test… Does it mean, MIDI Monitor doesn’t show the Audition data?

That is correct.
Clicking on the piano keys in the Key Editor will show in the MIDI Monitor.
Clicking on a note event with Acoustic Feedback turned on will not register in the MIDI Monitor.