Piano Trio thing "Forever" just Added some horns sorta

Unfortunate that no humans were harmed in the making of this one :frowning: I just did this the other day and mixed tonight. Wanted to see how close I am so I thought i’d throw out here for discretionary dissection. I tried running 9 stereo channels of Superior Drummer into Vienna MIR, had some issues with midi timing so when I am close I will turn them to audio. I may add a real drummer and trumpet also just not sure yet.


Very nice. I listened twice . Only thing I hear is the bass could be a tad louder and have a bit more “authority” Notes and playing are all there to me but, as its mixed ,and thinking of this as a real trio, the bassist would be accepting a sonic secondary position to the piano players left hand. Thats something that few real world bass players would do. Like at 1:58 the bassist goes for harmonics but the level losses energy. Anyway compliment to the overall piece that it can be critiqued as a group. I really liked this

Thanks for heads up on the bass. Was first mix. I forgot to drop the UAD Studer on the track and also rode the volume a little in the harmonic sections. I also had bass panned so moved it closer to center…hopefully this will help bring the bass out to the ears. Let me know

I like it. Great sketch for a full-out composition to be performed by a quartet… trumpet will be a good addition. Really interesting progression. Also, sounds really good to me, realizing it’s samples. Thanks for putting it up. Looking forward to your next steps with it.

hi kenny, I find all of your creations inspired toward jazzy nightclub evenings, I love that. delightful theme riff on the piano keeps it on a solid foundation. then theres a contrasting part to that theme that adds an interesting play especially when it jumps to the chording. man, everytime I hear your piano compositions I want to step up to the piano and play something similar, but I just can’t do it, I think this stuff has to be in your soul, as it is with you. very interested once again to hear another step to this project

The piano lines are interesting and engaging because they are so non-typical in their melody.
Their very difference makes them that more intriguing to the ear.

I have to confess that I found my focus was on the piano, less on the other elements.
I would agree the bass could be more…integral? I’m lost for the best word.

Lovely ambience, another great piece.

Thanks, I am actually hoping to have a real upright on tune eventually. Or who knows maybe I will play with it some more and see if I can get it right. I wanted it very open, I know its best to have real players everyday you can especially in this kind of music. Just wrote this quickly and recorded it prior to losing it, the piano was played down with a click and very few edits then the bass and drums

I got the melodic idea in beginning from a lick learned from listening to Larry Carlton and changed it completely into what it is.
Thanks for listening!

Thanks, that was what I was trying to do lol, well truth be told I had the one idea when I started and the rest is sorta improved but it worked I hope got a feeling I might change a few things though just not sure what

Atmospheric…moody…evocative…sophisticated…way too good for me, Kevin

Same comment as I’ve said about the previous ones and that is that it’s intriguing to listen to. Well done once again, great writing and performances :wink:

Wonderful sketch, Kenny!
My kind of music, just like your other work. :sunglasses:

I like the openness, though I agree that the bass could do with a bit more variation and/or solo riffs.


Thanks Wim I have a guy that’s going to play Coronet and mute on it next week…needs you though :slight_smile:

Pretty much what everyone has said… nice piece! :smiley: AND the mix did sound a little odd to me to be honest. What I think I have an issue with is the relative ‘size’ of the instruments. The drums seem really wide and spread across the entire sound-stage so sound really big, while the piano and bass are sounding comparatively small and more focused (mono). It would make more sense to my ears for this 3-piece to replicate a more realistic live situation - e.g. have the drums narrowed significantly, set centre +/- pan 30-50% say, piano mostly left, bass mostly right - something along those lines anyway.

Good stuff. :sunglasses:

If you’d like me to play some sax on this, just let me know. :slight_smile:

You have great ears! You are right I had a couple of stereo spreaders on the drums and I really abused them, the piano is panned slightly left and the bass slight right…I am actually losing both the bass and drums soon with real players (I Hope) and I found the perfect guy to play coronet and Wim said he will play sax!!! I feel very blessed today.

This is why I love posting here for critique, I am so thankful for this forum!

I just updated with a few horn parts. Still working on getting the rest done


That’s sounding so much better to my ears, love the space you have in the mix, would’ve preferred the horns more towards the middle and maybe a bit further away in the mix…would give it a more poignancy I think, best to you, Kevin

hey kenny, listening in now. I love this tune, the new adds are cool, great drums and the horn gives a nice foundation pad. I wondered whether the overal mix needed tightening up in spots, hmm, on 2nd listen I can’t tell, it has an ambient sounding kind of loosness that works.

You may be right about that the horns being closer to center. I mixed them on stage right with them standing (rt to lft) bone sax trumpet, bass trumpet (it is doing leads. I had echo on trumpet and I took it off to see if it helped. I was trying to give the live on stage type sound, eventually I know I will do mix w/my friend on his Neve console but I just keep trying lol. I am still hoping to have real trumpet on it as these are all Vienna samples which I used for fun and to see how it my parts work.

I was trying to make it loose more like a live performance but it may help a little w/o echo on horn (hoping) and the higher trumpet part along w/Bass Trumpet…I really wanted the ambient room/stage like you said. I am going to walk away from it then listen again w/new ears and all these great suggestions.