I’m trying to find a really good piano sound for playing live using Cubase Artist 7.5. What do you recommend and what do you use? Thank you in advance.

Imperfect Samples’ Fazioli Ebony Concert Grand. Sounds amazing. Compress heavily for great pop sound. http://www.imperfectsamples.com/website/Samples/fazioliconcertgrand/index.php

VSL Vienna Imperial is my favourite piano by far. It comes with Vienna Ensemble (free version) which is a very efficient way to run the piano live (whether inside a DAW or not)

Thank you both I am taking a look into these now :slight_smile:

Do you have a link for this by any chance? I have found this: http://www.vsl.co.at/en/211/442/478/1701/1305.htm but it’s rather expensive.

I’m afraid that’s it and it is rather expensive :frowning: There is a cheaper alternative, Bösendorfer Imperial, but it’s not as good.

Other than that, I quite like Ivory II American Concert D. It’s much cheaper than the VSL, but the quality really is very good.

For what kind of music?
To be played in what sort of venues?
Solo, or as part of a band?
I don’t think there is one piano that “does it all” (surprisingly, a really good, multi-sampled piano can sound completely out of place within a band, or in a very resonant hall, where you’d be better off with a sound that simply “cuts through” :wink:.
Anyways, before spending any money (there are very few sampled pianos that offer a free demo… mainly due to the size of the download), you could try the (free!) “Piano One” from Sound Magic… http://www.supremepiano.com/product/piano1.html
And you should really try out Pianoteq 5 (modeled rather than sampled), which also has a free demo version…
https://www.pianoteq.com/try (it links initially to the Mac download, but then there’s a sub-link for “other systems”).
If nothing else, it might steer you towards (or away from!) your initial choice :wink:

It’s for playing as part of a band, however the times I need the piano sound for I am usually the lead sound at that point. Thank you for the links!

I’m not sure what’s included in Cubase Artist but you may already have one. The S90es in Halion Sonic is a great Yamaha piano, virtually identical to the hardware (which is sampled as well).

Alicia’s Keys.

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If you want something with a relatively small footprint, that doesn’t gobble up system resources at an alarming rate (and thus much safer in a live performance setting), I suggest you look at this:


Ivory II

  • 1 on the S90es

Apparently, Steinberg is selling The Grand 5 for $149. I just got an email about it.

Grand 5!!! Lucky you! That must be an exclusive offer!

I got a similar offer, but it’s for the Grand 3 (download version) for only $149. :wink:

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Anyone here play the Grand 3? I see it was released in 2009 … I wonder if that puts it at some disadvantage to some of the other options around?