Pickup mode for KORG Nanokontrol Studio with Cubase

Just got me this new toy and I’d be a happy camper if I could get the faders to work in pickup mode,


Update to Cubase 12. Much much better controller with the MIDI Remote. :wink:

Or I could just buy another co troller with motorized faders…:joy: Joking aside I might just look into C12 because the main selling point of this unit for me was the wireless functionality and I really don’t need super expensive fancy stuff for what I’m doing…


Oh, sorry… NanoKontrol Studio is not implemented as MIDI Remote in Cubase 12. NanoKontrol 1 and 2 are. I was reading too fast.

Oh so that means not even C12 wpuld be plug n play?:pleading_face: But as I understand, using it as a general remote instead of mackie control is a workaround, right? Would it be too much to ask for some assistance in setting up the general remote thing?


The upper part is where you assign the MIDI Messages. The bottom part is where do you link or with the Cubase function.

Running through the manual of C12 Elements now, it looks like it has the MIDI Controller Surface Editor function too. It is appealing to me as it looks the be a visual, idiot safe method for creating a custom controller integration script. Am I right to believe that using the Nanokontrol Studio with a custom created script in C12 would allow me to properly use the faders in pickups mode?

Yes, you are right.

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It actually works! And introduces a few new issues… The pan knob behavior. So I put in a knob, assigned pan left-right. But it would only let me set it to toggle mode, so the actual panning was being toggled netween hard left-C-hard right. The Editor said that I already have the fader 1 set to pitchshift, can only have this knob in toggle. So I ended up assigning a pitchbender control to the knob, had to set the value mode to relative signed bit (whatever that is), then assign the pan left-right function and that way it works as I want it to… Now if I could figure out how to deal with faders banks, I’d instantly buy the upgrade to C12. :smiley: Currently I can get it to switch banks/groups of faders, but since the Fader 1 is assigned to Track 1 in my project, it keeps controlling track 1, instead of Track 9. Also, it would be great to assign a fader permanently for my main stereo out, but cant find the option… Do have any pointers maybe @Martin.Jirsak ?
The jogwheel will be an issue, but at least I can get it to jog in one direction…

Actually bank change does change the faders too, I noticed that Track 9 fader does move for a split second when I change bank, BUT moving the first physical fader on my nanoKONTROL also selects Track 1, overriding the selection of Track 9 (which was triggered by the bank change).

(Btw sorry for making this into a blog type of thread, but there was frustratingly small amount of infor out there on this topic, so maybe this will spare someone that frustration…)

OK, so this is what I managed to come up with…

Korg_nanoKONTROL Studio.midiremote (9.1 KB)

A couple of notes:

  • Unfortunately, this script only works through USB. If using the nanoKONTROL via Bluetooth, the MIDI Remote Script Editor does not see the controller as connected. As a result, it works as a Mackie Control, with all the jumping fader issues
  • The fourth row of buttons above the pan knobs is mapped a bit weirdly, but I’ve found it to be crucial for working around the selection issue when toggling fader banks
  • The jogwheel is unidirectional. Nothing I can do about it, the editor only let me assign either Jog fwd or Jog rev… So this means that no matter which direction you turn it, it’ll move things in the same direction regardless
  • All faders and knobs are in “scaled” mode. I’ve found this to be better than the pickup mode. This means that the Cubase fader instantly responds to the movement of the controller fader, but does not jump to where the physical fader is. Instead if the travel is long enough, the two faders catch up with each other and start moving in the same position.
  • It does not control the input and output faders, only the tracks

Overall the editor is a very nice feature of the C12, I really, really, REALLY hope that the jogwheel and bluetooth issues get solved in future updates. And thank you so much @Martin.Jirsak for your awesome help!

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You can also try to use the script for other Mackie devices (iCon Platform M+).

Thank you so much, it works perfectly fine. Hopefully Steinberg see this and implement into Cubase.

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Thanks for creating this map! However, somehow I’ve implemented it to find that nothing works.

I’ve checked a lot of settings in Cubase, done a lot of searches for information on settings that may be conflicting with it, and so far I haven’t been able to find what’s wrong. I’m relatively new to Cubase, so there could easily be something I’m not aware of that’s affecting this.

When I play a track that is supposed to receive CC values from the Korg, the Lower Zone “MIDI Remote” tab that shows the nanoKONTROL Studio diagram is clearly recognizing sequencer functions relating to the hardware - eg the stop and play buttons on the device diagram light up when I use my computer keyboard to control the DAW transport.

But pressing the same buttons on the Korg device itself does nothing. And the Cubase MIDI Monitor is receiving no MIDI data from the Korg device at all.

If this provides any clues as to what I’ve done wrong, I’d appreciate knowing. Thanks again.