PING IS FIXED!!! It has literally probably been 10 years that I’ve struggled with “ping” of external effects not working for me… I had long given up. I just decided on a whim to try it today using Cubase 10… and IT WORKED!!! I couldn’t believe it!!!

Thank you Steinberg!!! Thank you so much!!! This is a huge relief to me… something I’ve waited a very long time for… thank you so much for your efforts!


in what way was it not working for you?

It used to always report 0ms no matter what…

What is it you are pinging? It should only report a delay if you are using external digital hardware with analog ins/outs correct?

No, it should report a delay no matter what… even a loop from your D/A back to A/D should report a slight delay because converters are not instantaneous… every converter introduces a very slight delay - usually a few milliseconds.

This is usually not very noticeable - unless you’re doing parallel compression on transient material like drums. In that case, even a tiny amount of delay can result in phase issues.

Has mostly always worked for me.
But I have seen a lot of users that just had that dreaded 0ms reported.
I really hope they had a look at it, has always been very finicky imho.

It used to work for me a long time ago… even in Cubase SX versions. Then at some point, it suddenly it stopped working… I started this thread because this is the first time I have had at work in literally about 10 years… and I am totally psyched to have it back.

It just makes Cubase feel so much more professional… a step in a very good direction - as hardware support will always be somewhat important. In my studio, I use both plug-ins and hardware, and I probably always will.

It seems that latency got a overhaul in 10 with latency monitoring and plugin showing that is disabled etc. This is the best addition we got in 10…

Good for you!

I started using external effects with c8, before that I was 100% ITB.

I definitely had some issues with it… I’ve had the 0ms thing from time to time.
In 9.5 I also had got varying ping. As in, every time I’d press ‘‘ping’’ it’d give me a different value. Just great.
It’s never been that much of an issue for me because delay compensation was working fine, and my external effects were mainly used on the stereo out

I haven’t tried it in c10 yet, I’m not done setting up my DAW again after upgrading to w10 /c10 . But it’s good to know!

Don’t some converters/asio/cubase auto-compensate so it reports 0 because it is already calculated?

Not that I know of… With an external hardware loop, there would be a slight delay on the D/A side, then whatever delay is introduced by your hardware, and then another slight delay on the A/D. If the hardware is analog, the only significant delay will be the D/A and A/D… I’m guessing they would probably be a couple milliseconds each, so it’s not a huge amount of time, but it is enough to cause phase issues.

The audio driver should also report it’s AD DA latencies and most do. Where it get complicated is when using an all digital audio card. since it doesn’t know what converters are connected it can’t report it and cubase can’t compensate. What really is the issue though is om a mixed card. Where the onboard AD DA is reported but also other digital ins are used. If an external converter is faster then the onboard, the ping should be negative, since it is faster then the reported latency. Cubase could not handle that and reported 0ms. This was for example the case with RME AIO and hdsp9632. Especially the hdsp has slower converters so that if you connect a modern converter it will most probably be faster.

Thank you for this info… I’m using a mixed setup - an RME HDSPe AIO and two HDSPe AES cards… with external converters running on the AES cards. Cubase always used to report 0ms on ping through my external converters… but just the other day, it reported 4ms. This is the first time I have seen Cubase report anything other than 0ms in probably 10 years… I was assuming it’s fixed because of that. Hopefully it’s not just a unique circumstance…

I guess I’ll need to do more testing, but I’m guessing Cubase is now allowing for negative latencies… hopefully.

I just founds this in an old post on the RME forum:

Matthias from RME wrote:
Remember: The problem is that ASIO defines only one latency value for all I/Os of a device

So he’s saying that my setup would have worked fine IF I removed the HDSPe AIO… because the onboard converters in it are causing it to report a different latency than my HDSPe AES cards…

So it sounds like there were two issues:

  1. ASIO only allowed for one latency value
  2. Negative latencies were not allowed

The fact that I have still have both the AIO and the AES cards installed, and through my external converters on the AES cards, Cubase actually reported something other than 0ms is encouraging. More testing to do I guess, but the 4ms report is a positive indication at least… I hope it’s finally fixed… this has been a problem for a VERY VERY long time…

Works like a charm!

This was a pain for us user who work with outboard gear. When it worked, there was still that uncertainty that it was off and I always had to double check to make sure that it was ok.

I’m glad that it was worked out.

Still not fixed for me. I have external fx connected on digital I/O using RME Fireface 800 and get 0ms ping delay reported every time.

Not working for me either, latest 10.0.10 update.

Sorry to be plebeian, but how do you ‘ping’ something?

This issue goes back at least 10 years if not more.

The issue is that cubase cannot see the “negative” delays reported by some audio drivers unlike most every other DAW out there.

Because of this the ping / get user delay will report 0ms.
It’s been brought up over and over and basically been flatly ignored by Steinberg.

Nevermind… the problem still exists…

This must be the oldest bug in Cubase by now… going on like 10 years or so… depressing.