Pitch shift in CB6 versus CB5

I seem to get better results with pitch shifting in Cubase 5 - at least on bass material.
Or am I missing something ?

What are you trying to achieve & what process/algorithms are you using?

I’m just trying to finetune some bassnotes that are a little out of tune. I tried alle the MPEX possibilities and some work better than others on different notes.
It seems easier to achive a good result in CB5 with the same algorithms.

I’m not sure why you can’t select the elastic algos for pitch shifting…it says in the manual that they are limited to 4 semitones but then they aren’t actually available in the offline pitch shift…presumably they are being used for the project window transpose function.

Is this really so? You can’t use Elastique for pitch shift??

don’t think so. I can’t find it in the pitch shift window.

I experience the same thing. Right now when running both C5 and C6 I get better transpose results in C5. We work alot with voices and fine tuning in the Info Line with C6 gives a clearly different and lower quality sound, with a more “robotic” unnatural feeling, just as you would find if there were a slight problem with phase delay. It’s very subtle but with A/B comparison we hear it clearly. This stays on after export, so it’s not just a preview issue.

Anyone else?

I too have noticed this aswell. I thought it was my ears at first, but its a minor gripe nonetheless. Any chance for a comment Steinberg?

Bumping this to see if someone else can confirm the issue. Please take a minute. Make pitch changes in the Info Line, -1 semi or so (I use a recording of my own voice) and listen carefully…

This is a very confusing area. Apparently Elastique can’t be used to shift pitch, only to stretch length.
Which is odd, because in the manual it describes “Elastique - formant” algorithm which preserves formants.

When would you need to preserve formants, other than when shifting pitch? One of these things has to be wrong…

More confusion here too …


This link explains it. Seems that the new “elastique”-algorithm is used on all recorded material. I changed it in Pool window to the previous standard “Mix”. Seemed to do the trick.

It doesn’t explain why regular MPEX pitchshift sounds better in CB5 than in CB6…

You could use VariAudio for bass notes.

I use both AutotuneV7 and Melodyne regularly but neither are 100% satisfactory for bass either. In those times I resort to just simple pitch shift without length correction. This used to be called vari-speed, just like turning the speed up or down on the tape machine, and it doesn’t produce any artefacts at all. Generally I’ll be OK with a slightly longer or shorter note - especially OK for bass instrument - but if not I’ll crossfade or cut short.

Brings us to the long standing request that Steinberg provide a vari-speed pitch shift option and time-stretch option.


But if I don’t use length correction the rest of the track moves after the pitch shift.
CB 5 does a better job on most bassnotes. I’m just wondering why this has changed in CB 6.

Ah, I’m generally in the habit of cutting up and timing or tuning most of the bass notes anyway - but don’t mention that to the players!!

Seriously though, if you cut out the note first and ensure you’re ‘creating a new copy’ (or something like that, could be a preference or a check-box on the processing dialogue) then the audio further on won’t move.

Another method which works well with bass and things like solos that aren’t too intricate is to cut a ‘good’ note from another part of the song. Particularly useful for live mixing where you can’t get the playing back in the studio. Covers a multitude of sins, not just pitch problems but major wrong notes, chords, sections, etc.


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Process–> Pitch Shift
AC6-Solo-Musical-BassPitchTestOriginal - - Output - Stereo Out.zip (1.67 MB)
BC5-Solo-Musical-BassPitchTestOriginal - - Output - Stereo Out.zip (1.67 MB)

Infoline transpose timestretch
AC6-InfoLineTrans12-BassPitchTestOriginal - - Output - Stereo Out.zip (2.39 MB)
BC5-InfoLineTrans12-BassPitchTestOriginal - - Output - Stereo Out.zip (1.17 MB)


AC6_InfoLine-Min1sem_Standard-Mix-SpeechOriginal.zip (2.02 MB)
BC5_InfoLine-Min1sem_Standard-Mix-SpeechOriginal.zip (1.5 MB)