Pitch Shifter In MultiTap Delay - no 100% wet operation

I’ve noticed that Pitch Shifter In MultiTap Delay in C12 is not working right. Eventhough the mix slider is on 100 % you can still hear the input signal of the module. So, if you change the pitch or formant you can hear processed and unprocessed signal. This module behaves the same in Loop, Tap and Post Effects section. When I open the same project in C11 the Pitch Shifter works fine (no unprocessed signal is heard). C12 is in the newest 12.0.40 version.

There’s definitely something wrong here. It happens even if you use a preset that has this effect pre-inserted, such as “Nasty On The Comeback”. I can also confirm that everything worked fine in Cubase 11. @andreasm

Confirmed, and added to our bug base.


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And while you’re fixing this bug, feel free to make the pitch shifter go from 7 steps up to an octave so people can get some sweet shimmer effects. Thank you.

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Actually, the Freq. Shifter module does have a Mix knob, which is at 50% by default, so my guess is that Pitch Shifter has been coded the same way but the Mix knob is missing.

Seems like it has been fixed in 12.0.50, the Pitch Shifter signal can now be 100% wet.

Yes, it works now!!! Great:-)