Place fermata on SECOND note of a tied note?

How do I place a fermata on the SECOND note of a tied note? As in my screenshot, I’d like it to appear on m40:

Screen Shot 2022-01-09 at 8.27.13 PM

Double-click at the start of m40, then press shift-H and type pause or fermata followed by Enter.

If you type fer it will also work.


Thank you! It was tricky to figure out how to double-click at the start of m40 (every attempt ended up selecting the last quarter note of m39) but I eventually figured it out.

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Note that you can drag the fermata “after-the-fact”, by the grid, with your mouse!


Using the caret to determine the exact position of items you want to input applies to basically everything, not just fermatas and notes, e.g. dynamics.