Plans for mixer coloring?

Similar to edit view. Is there any plans to color the mixer channels?


I don’t think Steinberg have ever answered questions about future plans like this.

It might be worth adding it to the Suggestions Forum and seeing how much support it garners…

I like how the mixer colors work.

I have my channel types colored in ways that work for me. I have my color pallet for track colors and often add colors on the fly. If I had all the channels with yet another layer of colors as well I think Cubase would start looking like an old My Space Page. :wink:

Heh. Heh…good description.

As for the current track colour arrangement, I think that’s the way most of us do it, works for me too.

I want my mix faders colored like my session view.


What are you talking about? lol

Most of who does what?

All I want is my faders in the mixer to match the arrange view. An option for full color or not.

Im not sure how thats adding extra colors. The response from stephen makes no sense.

Makes sense to me. :slight_smile:
I think he’s saying that he likes how the track colours get added to the mixer so they’re the same but just a small touch at the bottom…this is what I’m saying works for me and I think most.

I liked his description of adding more colour ending up looking like his old MySpace page…did you see his MySpace page? No, me neither but I know exactly what he means.

I’m not actually sure what you’re asking for as I thought you were referring to something outside of Cubase for comparison I think and I no nothing outside of Cubase.

Always interested in new suggestions that might improve the workflow nevertheless…though I quite like the mixer as it is.

His description is false. Simple

I have no clue what he means as im not wanting to add colors lol

I want the faders colored like my arrange view.

Whats outside of cubase about that? Where did i refer to out of cubase?

In the arrange view, you can color your track any color and have an option for the entire track to color. I want that option on the mixer faders.

Anything i can add to be more clear? Trying to sort out confusion.

I expect he misunderstood you, as I did.

I don’t want the whole fader coloured though, which I think is what you’re asking for(?). That would look like like his MySpace page. I’m quite happy with the small colouring there is.

Cool, im not asking what you want lol

Id like the option. The option is there for arrange view.

You’re typing too fast for me! I think my replies are lagging behind.

I now understand, yes. Not something I want but as an option I wouldn’t actually vote against it. :slight_smile:

You would vote against an option for organization? How odd.

They gave this option in the arrange view. Makes sense to have it in mixer as well.

FWIW, I don’t think the mixer has changed in basic appearance in quite a while so maybe more options are due. It does seem to be somewhat quirky in its customisability.

I didn’t say I’d vote against the option, I said though it wasn’t something I wanted I wouldn’t actually vote against it.

I guess its fustrating me because the option is present fir half the workflow, but not the other half. Not sure why they woukd omit that.

Oh, the wording made that hard to understand.

I get not everyone wants to see colored faders. However, in large sessions where i stare at tge mixer for hours, I feel an option to color the faders would be nice.

I added to suggestion.

Thanks for replies.

Are we talking fader caps ?
I kind of like how they can be colored to show the difference of track types.
Personally I would want the channel colored, all the way from top to bottom.
Like protools does, and yes it looks awful, but who cares if it helps navigating the mixer.
But make a feature request, I’m all for more options when it comes to the GUI