Play back sound

I install the cubase el 12 on my window computer I am using window 11 I tried everything, and I cannot get play back sound using cubase.I cannot get the sound to my computer speaker. Can someone help me please? Thank you, my email address is, [email address removed]

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I would recommend to install and use ASIO4ALL.

Please, don’t share your email address publicly.

Just to ask some basic questions. You have set up your audio interface in Studio Setup under the Studio menu?
If yes then have you set up all your input and output patches. Press F4, make sure you have outputs set up either in Control Room or Outputs… Control Room is better but it can be a bit more complex.

The question is quite confuse.
Is the issue with Cubase or Windows ?
Is Cubase not outputting any sound, or can you only hear Cubase and have no sound in Windows ?

In the latter case, please read the following guide :