Play Mode IRV doesn't add tracks for new voices automatically

I may be doing something wrong here - but when I turn on IRV in Play mode and then add new voices to that player in Write mode, the individual tracks for each voice aren’t automatically added in Play mode. I have to turn IRV off and back on again to get them to show up. Is this intended behavior? I searched the forums and didn’t immediately find another thread about this, so apologies if it has been brought up already.

Hi, Omnus!

I found a better workaround than turning on and off IRV as that resets the routing (at least for me).
Just turn on and off the power-button; see my post in the following topic:


It’s a known limitation at the moment that new sub-tracks for voices aren’t automatically created in Play mode on demand, but we know it’s quite inconvenient and we will do our best to address this as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

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