Playback from Native Instruments S88 Mk2 not working with Dorico

First, let me say that playback and everything else IS working with Studio One Pro, but not Dorico. And yes, I do have all of the MIDI settings correct. My Native Instruments S88 Mk2 is selected in play preferences. What happens when I press ‘Stop’ on my keyboard controller is I hear a6 (with piano sound), and bb6 with play! For reference, I refer to middle C as c4. This is really weird. This just started happening, but only with Dorico.

I should also mention, that I also use Cubase Pro and stop and play on my S88 Mk2 are also working correctly with Cubase. Only Dorico seems to be the problem.

Have you gone through the process of assigning a midi shortcut in Preferences > Key Commands?

Ok, now I remember doing what you’re saying, but not sure whey the commands would have disappeared. Anyway, I was able to get the play button to work, but the learn function for stopping playback is not working.

Key Commands > Play > Stop Playback, then clicking the MIDI learn button and ‘Add MIDI Command’ and ‘Apply’ did not work to make the stop button stop the playback.

Btw, I went back to my original post in Aug '21 and I had stated I got the ‘Play’ button working, but I just tried the exact same steps I documented back then, now, and it’s not working. But like before, I have the play and record buttons working and before you said you would talk to Paul?

I finally “threw in the towel” and settled for ‘Last start position’ for the ‘Stop’ button, which appears to simply stop it rather than jump the play position back to the last start position.

Sorry, it’s been two years since I dealt with this before… hard to remember.

I’m certainly glad to find that I didn’t make promises I couldn’t keep.

Daniel said he would talk to Paul. Daniel is the Product Marketing Manager for Steinberg. I’m merely a Dorico user that tries to be helpful when time permits.

Ok, so my bottomline is, why, if I haven’t changed anything regarding key commands in two years, would they somehow change? What would cause them to change?

Have you changed anything about the keyboard?
Have you changed anything about the computer, or are you using a different user account?
Are you running software that intercepts MIDI that you weren’t previously running?

This might seem totally unrelated to the problem you’re experiencing, but I reported a bug (already known by the Team and that will be corrected in Dorico 5): when I change the language in the Preferences from French to English and back to French, many of my custom shortcuts are overwritten without notice. So it can happen, yes. Even though you haven’t changed your shortcuts, some unexpected behavior can happen. Sorry I can’t help you better than that.

Welcome at least I know i’m not going crazy! Thanks!