Playback issue: instruments drop out

Hey folks

(apologies if someone else has brought this up - I tried various searches)

I have a file set up with one instance of Kontakt holding one instrument taking omni MIDI info. That instrument has 4 seperate channels and I’m routing 6-7 instruments through those channels (Super Audio Boy if you’re curious).

I also have a drum patch using HALion and I have loaded in my VST rack an instance of Arturia’s Mini V3 loaded but not being used.

It seems to work fine most of the time but for some reason every now and then one of the instruments drops out during playback, and I can’t get it back until I’ve restarted Dorico. I’ve tried re-selecting playback point, deselecting all notes. Looking at the Kontakt patch the instrument should be running through, it doesn’t appear to be receiving the MIDI data.

Any ideas?


Hi @eddjcaine , this is a kind of behaviour I’ve never heard of before.
We have to find out where the link gets broken, resp. does Dorico really not send MIDI data anymore to the plug-in.
So if an instrument gets mute, if you open then the plug-in UI, is in the left top corner some indication that MIDI data comes in. A red ‘LED’ shall flash for every MIDI packet coming in.
Does the instrument have a virtual / on-screen keyboard where you can trigger notes? Does that work. Or if in the score, when you enter new notes, do they all ge played back?
Could you also please do ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ and attach the corresponding zip file here?
And best would be, if I could get hands on your project files. If you could send that to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. Thanks very much

Many thanks Ulf - have emailed you diagnostics and file.

It’s seems to happen quite randomly and when I select a note of the instrument that no long plays back, that instrument still makes a sound as normal (but doesn’t play when I press play).

I didn’t look specifically at the green light but other channels on the same (multi-channel) instrument were playing back as normal so midi information must have been received. I’ll try and investigate more when it happens next.


Hi Edd,

thanks for the data.

I will check now…



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Hi @eddjcaine , from a first look at the logs files I can’t see anything. The next time it happens, please do close Dorico immediately (to flush the log buffers) then start again and do another diagnostics report and send me. Many thanks

Hi @eddjcaine , differently to what I suggested before:
When it happens again, please save the score (maybe under a different name), close Dorico, start up again and load the just saved file and see if it happens immediately again. And create another diagnostics report and send me. Thanks

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Will do Ulf

I am having the same issue with Dorico 4 and NotePerformer on a 2013 MacBook Pro with MacOS 10.15.7 Catalina. Playback will work fine but then after doing some editing, playback on one instrument that was not just edited will cut out while other instruments continue playing back. If I close the project and then re-open it, normal playback resumes.

Hi Ulf - Have done this - the file played back correctly on relaunch. Have sent you the diagnostics


Extra info - when I move from galley view to page view it fixes the problem…

Hi Edd, from your report it first appeared to be an audio engine problem, but with that what you just described, it must be on Dorico side then. I involved my London colleagues, let’s see what they have to say.

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@eddjcaine and @Mike_999, are you both editing the music during playback?

No - the extent to which I mess with Dorico when playing back is to switch between page and galley views to fix the problem

Hi @eddjcaine , thanks for reconfirming. In that case Paul suggests:

  • Next time it stops playing back, make a note of the current time on the computer clock. Switch the view to try to fix it and when that works, make a note of the time. Then generate a new diagnostic report. I can then look at the logs to see if there’s anything unusual in there.
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No, I am not editing during playback. I am cutting and pasting within D4 from an older Dorico file that started life several years ago as an XML import from Sibelius 6 or 7. Like the original Sibelius file, the older Dorico version does not take advantage of later Dorico’s condensing and divisi abilities and this compromises playback when violin 1 changes from section players to a solo player, for example. I have both the old and new Dorico files open for purposes of cutting and pasting and will occasionally play back the new file to satisfy myself that all is in order. The file from which I am cutting does not have playback activated.

(I noticed last night that the intermittent problem of missing instruments was occurring even after opening only the newer Dorico (4) file.)

(Also, the file I am talking about was already attached as a zip to my earlier post “Trouble with playing technique lanes” and although the subject matter of that post was different, the missing instruments problem was already happening at that stage. As I mentioned in my ealier post, I am using NotePerformer for playback on this file.)

Have done this now and sent to you


I had a similar thing happen in Dorico 3.5 (Trial version only)
I had a fairly large orchestral score going and all of a sudden the whole string section dropped out during playback.
I know this was not the same fault as others have been describing above but because it was happening intermittently I thought it was worth mentioning

My playback problem may have been solved: I had activated IRV in Play mode for several single woodwind instruments that could play only one voice at a time. I have now turned IRV off on those instruments and haven’t noticed any instrument drop outs since so hopefully this difficulty has now been resolved.

Hi @eddjcaine , thanks for the new diagnostics. Paul had a look at it and this is what he wrote me:

"There’s absolutely nothing unusual here. Just before 23.55 he does some basic edits (click, select, delete, copy, paste, etc), and then after 23.55 he toggles the window type to galley view, but that has no impact on playback.
The one other thing in the log at 23.55 is saving, so a possibility is that this Kontakt instrument is in some disabled state during saving and it takes a few seconds to put itself right again. One experiment that might help isolate this would be to try switching this instrument over to using HSSE and see if the problem occurs. If it doesn’t then that suggests it’s a Kontakt issue (or an issue specific to this Kontakt library). "

So could you please try with HSSE instead of Kontakt? But just for finding out, not forever. Thanks very much

Ok Ulf I’ll give it a go. I’ve finished editing the file that was dropping out consistently but I’ll find some time later on to mess around with it and see if it still happens.


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