Playback issue: instruments drop out

Hi Ulf -

Don’t have much time to check my findings, but think I can now reproduce this by saving, then playing. I think you are right it is the Kontakt instance not quite loading. It takes a good few seconds for Kontakt to become active when I first open the project (I have to wait before play buttons become active). When I save, one or two lines drop out.

I tested in Halion SE and all fine seems not to have the same issue.


Hi Edd, but that appears to be then a Kontakt problem, right? On the other hand, you said changing from page to galley view (or vice versa) fixes it, which does not explain it. Because Kontakt does not get notified about view changes in Dorico. I know you are busy, but could you please clarify?

I have the same problem. I have not installed anything aditional, only using what came with Dorico Pro 4. (Cool to know that it helps to change to gallery view, it is easier than restarting the program that I used to do, but still it is quite annoying to change view every five minutes…)

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Welcome to the forum, Jorun. Are you manually assigning the instruments in your score to VST instruments in Play mode, or are you using the supplied playback templates?

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