playback of instrument sounds keeps cutting out

Hello there!

This just started happening a couple weeks ago. Still on Dorico 2.2.20. I’m working away entering notes in a brand new file, or playing back what I’ve written, and the sound just cuts out. I’m using HALion Sonic SE. Usually I’m working with choir and organ sounds so I’ve changed the choir sound to “GM053 Choir Aahs” and organ to “Lower Manual”

The only way to get it back is to shut down Dorico and restart. But it keeps happening over and over. Any suggestions?

To what ASIO buffersize is your audio driver set? You can check under Edit > Device Setup and then click on ‘Control Panel’.
Increasing the buffersize might help.

Also, what are your settings in HALion Sonic SE’s Options tab? I mean here specifically the maximum number of voices and multi core option.

Ulf, I’ve attached the info for which you’ve asked.

Perhaps this may be another piece of the puzzle. . . this all started (the sound crashing) when I was going back and forth between Dorico and a Youtube Video in Safari.

I will change the CoreAudio Device Buffer size to 384 from 256. In the HALion Global options section, Multi-Core is OFF. Is that a problem?


I’d suggest increasing the buffer size rather than reducing it, and enabling multi-core support in HSSE.

Hi Daniel, I did increase it to 384 from 256. But that did not work. It just crashed on me. So now I will turn Multi-Core on to 2 cores. However when I did that I got this warning. Should I proceed?

Yes, it should be fine.

Does this have anything to do with Safari open at the same time (with some active or inactive tabs open on YouTube)?

If the sound crashes again, is there any way to get it back without shutting down and re-opening Dorico?

On Mac, there should be no problem having multiple applications open that are using the audio outputs on your computer. (This is a problem on Windows unless you have a multi-client ASIO driver, but almost never on Mac.)

I imagine that what may be happening is that the audio engine is crashing. If you do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting “Dorico” file from your desktop to a reply here, I can take a look.

Thank you Daniel, if it happens again I will do that. The strange thing is that this only started happening a couple weeks ago. I’ve had Dorico since the beginning.

Many thanks!

Well . . . that didn’t take long. It crashed again during playback. Here is the diagnostic report.
Dorico (444 KB)

There are no crash logs in the diagnostic report you’ve sent. Is Dorico really crashing? i.e. the whole program disappears, and a few seconds later macOS shows you a window telling you that the program has quit unexpectedly? Or is it hanging and showing the coloured pinwheel indefinitely? Or something else?

Actually the only thing that happens is the sound disappears. It just stops in the middle of doing something either playing or editing. I can keep on editing my music. It will playback as well but no sound. And I can save the file as well.

When the sound is gone, please start Activity Monitor and have a look for a process called VSTAudioEngine. Is it there?
If yes, go to HALion Sonic SE and click with the mouse on the on-screen keyboard. Does that give sound or does at least some metering flicker?

I’ve been working in Dorico all afternoon and the sound has not hung since this morning.

However, in the past when the instrument sounds stopped, (I did NOT look at activity monitor) but I did look at HALion. The numbers beside the instruments in the HALion window were flickering when they were active. They also lit up when the on-screen keyboard was touched, but there was no sound through any of this.

The next time I loose sound I will check the activity monitor like you asked. Thank you for this.

If the metering is flickering in HALion, then that means that the audio engine is up and running.
I still wonder though, why under those circumstances no sound comes out.
Next time it happens, please close Dorico, then restart it and immediately do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach here. Thanks

Ulf or Daniel . . .

Lost all sound again. Went to activity monitor. VSTAudioEngine is there and active it seems. See attachment.

Play still works but no sound. Everything works but no sound. Then mixer lights jump up and down but no sound.

In the HALion window during play, the metering does flicker, but no sound. If I click with the mouse on the on-screen keyboard there is no sound but there is meter flickering.

I shut down Dorico, restarted and did the diagnostic report as asked. It is attached.
Dorico (463 KB)
Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 10.25.37 PM.png

Hi David, thanks for the data. I see a burst of “audioDeviceBaiosChange: overloadDetected” at around 22:31:24 but that should not pose too much of a problem. That would explain a drop out of the sound, but not the complete cut out.
Since you experience this quite consistently, would you be able to share the corresponding project file with me? Full confidentiality guaranteed from Steinberg side, we will only use it for the debugging of your issue.
If it is okay, please send to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. Many thanks.

This is happening even more regularly now. The sound cuts out of files from XML, native Dorico files, and brand new Dorico files. It’s happening with every file I create or open not just one in particular. It even cut out during midi input recording. Ulf, do you still want one of my files?

I thought it might be a set of external speakers but the sound cuts out with both the external speakers and the MacBook speakers. I also hook up to a Dell monitor and use a Mac keyboard using a USB connector. My midi keyboard is also attached with USB.

I’m at a loss of what to do. Should I re-install Dorico?

Here’s another diagnostic report.
Dorico (393 KB)

You can try reinstalling but I really doubt that it will solve the problem.
And yes please, send me one of your project files.

Greetings, has this ever been solved?

I am having the exact same problem as described in this thread, using Cubase Pro on Windows, with HALion Sonic SE, using this same “Lower Manual” organ sound.

It works for a while, and then the track using that sound stops playing sound, even though in the HALion Sonic SE Window it keeps playing visually.

If I assign another sound to that track, and then assign the “Lower Manual” organ sound again, then it works again. For a while.

What can the problem be?