Playback problems

Good Afternoon everyone,

Before I go on I must mention that I have only recently been getting used to Cubase 8.5 so in that sense I am still learning.

I have recorded a number of tracks in a project, which were all VST. I started creating automation tracks for each other the tracks and in that session everything was working as it was supposed to.

When I opened the project on a different day I couldn’t hear anything after the 1st couple of bars. I could hear the intro of one track which was to be expected and after that I saw the automation track go down, again normal, however when the automation of all the tracks showed and incline I wasn’t able to hear anything.

Generally speaking it actually sounded as if nothing was playing at all. Incidentally I could see that music was being playing in the transport bar (I think) but then opening up a mixer I couldn’t.

All a bit odd I know, Maybe I’m not recalling it correctly. I have incidentally closed the project, then Cubase then reopened but the same problem occurs.

Again bare with me as I am a bit of a newbie.

Any ideas?



Maybe you are experiencing this issue…

Read through it and try the suggestions. If you think it might be something else then we can try to further assist.

Luckily I am not having this issue… YET! :wink:

Regards :sunglasses: