Playback + VE Pro Templates for Cremona Quartet (Uploaded)

Looking at Violin 2, flow 1, bar 75: I see a playing technique of “Downbow.” In the expression map, Downbow is a Base and has a key switch of D2. But D2 isn’t mapped to a different articulation, it is mapped to “Bow Change.” So what Kontakt is doing is keeping the previous articulation, which is Spiccato. (Bow Change is greyed out for Spiccato, so it’s not doing anything.)

Looks like Bow Change only works with the longs, adaptive, and the long specials. I’m not currently using Bow Change in my maps, but I think the way to do it would be as an add-on to one of the above articulations. In this case, anyway, “Marcato Bowed” will probably do the trick.

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It’s because of the downbow marking. It’s set to Attribute . In playback Techniques set it to Direction instead .

Thank’s Marc and Thurisaz - it works great!
Is there a way to change it to a Kontakt multiinstrument instead of 4 separate instances ?
I’ve heard, that that should save some memory.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll try to get a multi-instrument instance, it should be possible (I find everything so opaque when it’s about Kontakt, am I the only one?)

[Edit] Here’s the version with one instance of Kontakt:

Cremona Demo File

And the multi-instrument nkm :

Cremona quartet for Dorico.nkm

And the Cremona String Quartet in one instance Endpoints :



Thank you for your files, Marc, but I am sorry that I cannot open them because my Kontakt 7 does not run on my computer due to graphic card issues. So I am still working with Kontakt 6.
I have made a, in my opinion, very simple realization of the Cremona quartet for Dorico 5. I have build a Multi in Kontakt with four instruments (only the Close Mics). In each instruments I have mapped the most important ones to the 32 available slots - each in a version without and with sordino. I have made two expression maps: one for the high instruments, the other for the cello.

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I have changed my expression map a bit, mainly because of problems with playback of harmonics (look at these posts: String harmonics playback and Problem with a transposing expression map entry - #23 by SampoKasurinen.
Here are some files:
There is now only one expression map for all four instruments.

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Hi Marc,
:nauseated_face: Darn… - I’m too late - would you please upload it again ?
TIA :hugs:

Please download them again, I’ve just “refreshed” the Dropbox links. It should be valid for a week (I don’t know why it only lasts one week now, it used to be valid longer before, I should check Dropbox to see what has changed…)

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Got it - Thank’s :hugs:

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Dear Mark,

May I have a copy of your PT, too? The link is not valid at this point.

Many thanks.


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Coming to this thread in 2024 there are a lot of dead links. I wonder if anyone would be able to upload the most recent working template and expression map for the Cremona Quartet?
Many thanks,

Maybe @MarcLarcher can help with this? :pray:

I’m in the middle of changing houses, but as soon as I’m settled, I’ll try and send you a working link! Please send me a private message if I haven’t done it before next sunday :wink:

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Owning Spitfire Solo Strings (with corresponding NPPE) and Abbey Road Two Core, I was wondering if I’ll take the current sale at Native Instruments to buy Cremona Quartet 50% off.
I would like to know if someone can share a demo using Dorico Pro 5 with Cremona Quartet using the playback templates please?
And if someone has feelings about Cremona + playback templates vs SSS + NPPE, I’ll be glad to hear his/her opinion :slight_smile:

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Here are working links for the .nkm file and for the Dorico demo file (which contains everything plus some music)
Cremona for Dorico nkm file

Cremona demo file

Hope it helps!


Thank you @MarcLarcher !!! :pray:
(I hope your house moving went well :slight_smile: )


Thank you very much Marc! Much appreciated.

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