Playhead movement behavior during playback

During playback, the green playhead seems to move in 16th-note increments. Is there a setting, hidden or otherwise, to change this behavior, so that the playhead moves in other increments, say quarter notes, but where notated 16th notes still get “touched” by the playhead, similar to Notion’s behavior?

No, there are no options for the way the playhead advances. Can you say a little more about why you would favour a different approach, so I can understand your requirements better?

My reasoning is “80% educational” and “20% visual preference.”

From an educational perspective, it would be helpful to have the playhead moving at either a less complex increment (judging 8th notes to be less complex than 16th notes), or touching only the rhythms displayed.

From a visual preference, I can glean more information from a playhead that touches the notated rhythm. Even in multi-staff music, the playhead’s movement would tell me something about what’s happening rhythmically in other staves.

Take a look at Notion’s playhead movement. Below is an animated GIF. (It seems my video file won’t upload). The GIF should render its animation in a browser window.
Notion Playhead Behavior.gif
Other what I’ve written, I have no real rational defense for this other than it “makes more sense to me” (It’s more intuitive.) for the playhead to move like this.

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll think about it, though I can’t make any promises.

An interesting concept, but I think (perhaps from habit) I prefer the smoothly moving playback cursor we have now.