Playing technique: fret position

What about:
Indicating the fret position over several notes/bars?
Just a roman number with a (dotted) line to the end.
Like barre but without a C in front and a dotted line as alternative.

Is there a command or workaround?

Under (German) key commands I found s.t like “bundposition” (“fret position”) but it’s impossible to set a key for that command. What is this command for?

You can create this very easily via Engrave > Playing Techniques.

Right. I created guitar playing techniques consisting of CI through CX, and 1/2CI through 1/2 CXII using alt+0189 for the 1/2, and plain Roman numerals I through XIV. I can use these over one note or over a range with D3 and control the line type and length. Works great.

Hi cheveyo, could you elaborate? Is there a way to indicate Barre at the moment?
And concerning fret positions, in another thread I suggested deriving positions elegantly from the TAB info…

Cheers, Benji

@Daniel This are the kind of configurations that prove your programming art skills :slight_smile: Thanks.

@islandmusicpro For barre I used the playing technique (marking the notes and Shift-P, full barre or half barre). But now I will make special ones for barres and fret positions as Dan S proposed…