Playing Vertical Videos - 9:16 - Cubase 13 - Feature Request

Hey there,
until now I did the audio work for social media videos in Logic (so I am on a Mac) because… it works. Even if I do my main audio work in Cubase since version 12.
With Cubase 13 and the new export option to just replace the audio of videos I again tried to do it in Cubase.
Correct me if I missed something: is it not possible to playback vertical videos in Cubase correctly??? The videos are recorded with a Sony camera, and the Cubase player seems to be the only player having problems with those files.
I can see the video, but it is horizontal and also in the wrong aspect ratio or some kind of zoomed in… see the pictures.

Playing around with the aspect ratio settings in the player did not change it to the correct format. And the only other Player settings I found in the studio menu… there was nothing to change.
Are there any settings I do not find?
Ironically export works fine.
And if this is not integrated in Cubase 13… please Steinberg: it is 2023! Even if I really don’t like vertical videos it is a very important format for marketing. This should work without thinking about it in a high priced pro software.

Ok - so its a relief to hear the export is unaffected.! But its obvious that SB have missed a trick somehow.

Was the clip filmed by you on your camera.? The reason I ask is, if so, it will help if you could upload a small ‘dummy’ example clip here - zip-up the file first - for the SB devs to examine and see how they might improve things.

I know you say things are all ok on Logic. But there may still be something ‘special’ about the recorded clips on that camera that prevents them displaying properly in the Cubase Video Player specifically - something that only the devs can determine from looking into an actual example file.

If the clip was sent to you (sourced elsewhere) - can you try and ask for a short example file from them, from that camera, to use for compatibility testing purposes…?

Individual camera models, codecs used, formats for distribution, can all have a bearing of course. There are myriad combinations possible. Importantly, we know the Cubendo video engine always currently converts/re-encodes whatever its given, to Full HD 1920x1080. Its possible the conversion process has a fundamental problem with any of these types of vertical videos/formats.

Though, I’d be surprised if the Nuendo folk haven’t already reported something similar by now. Maybe SB have done a round of improvements already, yet your specific example has ‘slipped through’ the bug-fixing net…

Just trying to help the cause.

Hey, thank you.
because of your response I remember editing video-audio once in Cubase 12, but first imported the camera file into capcut and then exported it for Cubase after some editing. With this edited file Cubase had no problems, but the workflow is somehow useless for my purpose. Or it causes to many extra steps.

As you suspected: Cubase seems to have problems with the files directly from the camera (Sony a7c Mark I). Both Cubase 12 and 13.
Unfortunately uploading an example is quite difficult as I film in 4k. Even 5 seconds are about 80MB. And encoding the file to conform the 4MB forum rule misses the point. :slight_smile: But I don’t think, getting the hands on a Sony camera should be the biggest problem in the world for Steinberg. Sony cams are very popular for content creation and I would bet that the problem exists with many of them.

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Sure, understood - so maybe consider uploading something to a file hosting site (OneDrive, Dropbox, etc…) and just attach a ‘link’ to that location to download from…?

And that being the case, it would be great to get them some output to examine - see if they can do something about it…

As I maybe indicated earlier, problems can manifest from device to device - i.e. output from one Sony A7c Mark I camera might not show an issue, whereas yours, does… Honestly these things can be that fickle.

The only real known state right now is that your Sony A7c Mark I does show a problem. Lets start there.

Thank you!
Okay, let’s give it a try:
Just a very short video from my table. BOOOOOOARING! :smiley:

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Brilliant - your work here is done.!

Now, its over to other users here to confirm (or not) and the mods/SB staff to hopefully pass this on and get it looked into… no promises on that from me… :grinning:

EDIT:- belt and braces would be to raise a Support Ticket too via MySteinberg portal (you’ll need to log in again). Make reference in the ticket to this thread. My Support

FWIW - have just tried loading this video in a C12.0.70 empty project (no C13 here yet). It’s displayed with incorrect aspect ratio in the Cubase video player (horizontal/zoomed).

Sadly, my machine hasn’t enough grunt to cope with actually playing the file fluidly. It also can’t generate a thumbnail cache. But, not the point.

From MediaInfo app the video format/codec detail is :-

From inside VLC (where it plays with correct aspect ratio) the codec info is :-
Vertical 4K vid_test_VLC_codec info screen grab

Both report the file as being 16:9 (3840x2160) as opposed to 9:16 (2160x3840).

Yet, only VLC in my quick test displays it ‘as expected’.

I say that as I don’t know how we arrive at expecting it to display in the ‘Vertical’ aspect ratio; something to do with how the camera embeds this info into its output perhaps.?

I have no idea what or whether the ‘Rotation 270’ or ‘Orientation: Bottom right’ parameters are giving us any clues…