Cubase 13 out now!

I know, right.? It might be enough to just add a ‘rotate’ (90, 180, 270) feature in the playback window somewhere…

Here’s another thread too, with an example video for SB to test/experiment on…
Playing Vertical Videos - 9:16 - Cubase 13 - Feature Request - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Its 2023/24 - everyone is making videos on their phones… For TikTok/Instagram/SnapChat, etc… They need quick convenience to add audio FX, music beds, Voice-Over, sound design, etc… before uploading. Mostly, that can all be done on the phone hardware itself these days.

However, for anything more, SB need to remove unnecessary friction for users to HAVE FUN playing inside of Cubase. Or, they’ll just go elsewhere.

Logic apparently displays the file posted in that thread fine, somehow… with a straightforward import… No messing. And exports too.!

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