Please Add ReWire Support

Please can you add rewire support to Cubase 12? My entire flow revolves around using rewire, meaning I can’t run any of my old projects in V12 at all.


OH, they removed it and didn’t announce it anywhere? Noice.

It seems the entire industry either has completely abandoned Rewire, or is planning to soon.
I wonder if there is anything in the MIDI 2 standard that might take its place.

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Well, Ableton is a big player, and continues to use Rewire.

I found out when I couldn’t find it in the menu, so I googled it and an obscure page deep inside popped up and said it’s gone.

Meanwhile, Steinberg also sells a notation program that doesn’t work with any DAW, let alone their own. I write in Sibelius combine it with Cubase via rewire. I can still do that in Pro Tools, Reaper, Cakewalk, Studio One, Digital Performer, FL, Tracktion…Seems only Cubase has abandoned it.

The only commercial notation software that can’t sync with a DAW appears to have been fixed by making sure that the vendor’s DAW can no longer sync with any commercial notation software!

Possibly Ableton has a stronger rationale for supporting it because their main niche is live performance.
In general I am a fan of industry cooperation and open interoperability. But it does seem that Rewire was not a really stable, robust thing.

Check out this page, the developer (Reason Studios) stopped supporting rewire, so all the DAW’s had to drop it.


Interesting. I’ll see if there’s some alternative for Cubase 12.


If you find one, let us know!

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Very interesting. It appears that Ableton is promoting Link to serve mostly the same role as Rewire, with some modern benefits beyond Rewire.

There are apparently many products supporting Link already, although these are mostly instruments or user interfaces, not DAWs or notation apps.

I saw a recent lower version of Cubase (Cubasis?) had Link capacity so I’m actually hoping I find it in Cubase 12 when I switch over as I’m using latest version of Ableton which has Link ( I was similarly distressed when I saw Rewire was gone in Ableton). Fingers crossed.

Doubtful it will be added as a patch release, but it might be realistic for 12.5. Obviously somebody at Steinberg has some hands-on experience with Link and they aren’t totally opposed to supporting it. Cubasis is more of a front-end data collector than a full DAW, at least that is how it would look to ABleton. I don’t know if the companies would have the same attitude about using Link for DAW-to-Daw connection, but why not?

If you scroll through that document I referenced just above, you will see dozens of products apparently already supporting Link.

Sounds like it might be only a matter of time. Let’s hope. Tnx for your insight.

I don’t have any special insight or a “mole” inside Steinberg. All I am saying is that it appears Ableton is making it rather easy for companies to add Link to their products, judging by how many there are supporting it already. If I am reading this right, Link is already more broadly accepted than Rewire ever was.

I assume Steinberg will want to limit the patch releases to almost entirely bug fixes. If users speak up for Link support, maybe it is a small enough project that Steinberg will include it in 12.5.

I don’t know anything, but my gut feeling is that at minimum, it shouldn’t be out of the question for 12.5. And maybe Dorico 4.5 as well. That might satisfy many requests that have been coming from the Dorico side. But don’t take my word for anything here. I’m just thinking out loud. It could be that Link isn’t really as useful as it sounds.

Got it. Tnx

Not cool. Rewire was a really part of my DAW setup


Totally agree it was working so good. I really don’t understand the reason to take out a good function which is working so great. And I am not only talking about Steinberg, Ableton also took it out.

The aggravating thing isn’t so much that ReWire is gone, it’s that the alternative is in it’s infancy and not included in C12. Looking at Avid, Pro Tools supports Link, but they haven’t yet included it in Sibelius and there’s nothing I can find to suggest they ever will. Cubasis includes Link, so that suggests that Cubase and Dorico will too, but again nothing is explicitly mentioned.

The sensible thing would have been to keep ReWire until an alternative could be used to replace it, but instead they just left those of us who need it high and dry.

This really wasn’t well thought out.


Im wondering how many people really still use Rewire… wasn’t the primary reason Propellerhead developed it so that you could make Reason work with “mature” DAWs when it didn’t have any audio or real mixing engine? Those days are long gone.
What would be the reason to use Rewire nowadays?

People who work with professional-level notation software.