Please fully document ALL the Key Commands

It would be really useful if all of the Key Commands were properly documented, every single last one of 'em. Sure a lot of them are fairly self-explanatory, but some are totally baffling and others seem like they might be similar to other KCs, or maybe not, who knows, hard to tell.

This has bugged me for years and this thread finally got me to submit this request.
I mean if Martin doesn’t know, there’s a good chance no one does. :unamused:





Why only key-commands?



Maybe we should make a compendium here on the forum? But how to handle it in a thread, there are hundreds of them!

A wiki-page?

Every journey begins with a single step

Some years ago there was Cubase Wiki (non-Steinberg) but it didn’t really seem active at all. Just did a Google search and it didn’t appear on the first 2 pages - didn’t really expect it to.

Yes that would be great +1. It’s quite slow to even open up the key commands…

Could be, but I literally know nothing about wikis, let alone make one or maintain one. But I am willing to create a thread in which I will be documenting, explaining, maybe offering little examples, or even rating 10 - 20 keycommands per day.

Others could chip in, as I would start from the top, and work my way down the list, posting once per day.

One key command ‘Resolve Note Expression’ is confirmed to not do anything. And doesn’t appear as a an available command on the MIDI list.

“Resolve Note Expression” = “Distribute Notes to MIDI Channels”

Yes please!!! +1

+1. Not surprisingly, this request seems to be resonating pretty strongly.

Not to mention that I have NO idea what the new range key commands are about. Why can’t even NEW features be properly explained?

Thanks for that. Odd that ‘Distribute notes to MIDI channels’ has a key command called ‘Resolve Note Expression’.

Coming to Cubase as a 15+ year user of Cakewalk/SONAR, this was one of the first things I went looking for. All I could find was very spread out reference in the manual that spanned too many pages. I wound up taking them and copy, pasting and tweaking into a Google Spreadsheet that I could easily reference. I found weird stickers online, but it would be fantastic if there were a “Keyboard Shortcut Reference” option in the help menu that produced a PDF, or even a keyboard layout version.

I attached a PDF of my spreadsheet in case it helps anyone. (I had to 7zip it since the forum wouldn’t allow attaching a PDF)

EDIT: Maybe there can be a thread that attempts to capture all the shortcuts, and a separate section for suggested ones to add? I don’t like having to dig into user forums for something so useful, but it’s better than nothing!
EDIT 2: Please note, this is only the shortcuts I found documented in the manual online!! It’s likely not everything - as this thread suggests
Cubase Keyboard Shortcuts - All Shortcuts.7z (82 KB)