Please help - Cubase Pro 12 crashes due to Spectralayers on a Mac

I’ve been working on a project in Cubase Pro 12 using the demo version Spectralayers 9 via ARA integration. I decided to try the full version of Spectralayers 9 Pro with the 30 day demo. Once the 30 days were up, Cubase defaulted back to using the demo version of SL9 … so far, all good, all my audio that had been edited with SL9 Pro was still working. A few days later Spectralayers 10 was launched and I made the mistake of downloading it via the Steinberg Download manager, thinking that there would be a 30 day free demo and I could try how this new version works. Turns out there’s no demo for the new version - which is fine - but since then, anytime I try and open the project or start a new project where I try to add the Spectralayers extension, Cubase immediately crashes. I’ve deleted SL10. Then I deleted and reinstalled both Cubase and SL9 with the Cubase download. I even updated Cubase with the update that just came out a few days ago. Nothing helped - it crashes 100% of the time. Would respectfully appreciate any idea on how to solve this please if anyone has a thought. Thanks.


Which OS are you on? Can you please put your system specs in the “About Me” field in your profile?

I have read that a demo will come out in a few weeks.

Do you have a crash log to upload?

Thank you. I am on macOS 12.6.7 because I use a 2016 MacBook Pro. Cubase Pro 12 and Spectralayers worked fine and fast on this laptop/OS prior to me mistakenly downloading Spectralayers 10 …I’ve used Cubase Pro 12 for about three months already and used Spectralayers 9 for a month during the 30 day demo (and prior to that I used the version that had come with Cubase).

I don’t have a crashlog but I guess I could try and download one (I’ve just been letting the computer sending it to Apple and Steinberg up until now).


I’ll just quote my answer to your post on Reddit.

I have exactly the same problem after downgrading from SL 10. I removed SL 10 and tried to reinstall SL 9 (even removing it from /Applications folder and installing then). No luck. I think SL 10 did write to some config/meta files in other path, now will be trying to find out to which.

UPDATE: I removed SpectraLayers 9, deleted everything I found related to it from [User Folder]/Library (including files/dirs in Application Support, Caches (incl. Cubase cache), Application Scripts, etc). and /Library (including Application Support and all instances of SL from Plug-Ins), reinstalled it, launched Activation Manager for sure, started Cubase and SL extension is working now. TIP: Finder’s search in /Library and [User Folder]/Library could help you to find some SL stuff if you’re on Mac.

Thank you - I’ve tried to link in our Reddit for anyone looking for the solution in the future but posting links isn’t allowed. So here’s my response with a very similar solution:

Thank you - I’ve tried something similar last night and it worked. Basically, even after deinstalling SL10, Cubase was still searching for the version 10 vst3 extension in the library (I discovered this while looking under Studio → Other → Components → Extensions in Cubase). So I finally managed to locate the VST3 file in the library (Finder to Macintosh to Library) and deleted it. After that my project finally opened again with an error that it couldn’t locate SL … but at least it opened. Then I deleted and reinstalled SL9 and now everything’s working fine! Problem solved.