Please, please, please update the CC121 driver

After a long long time without update for the CC121 (altough many here want it) ---- any clues if there will ever be an update for the controller? Its bascially an option to flip the Q and the G knob so that they finally (after years) match the software. And how about that requested more analog (or evern custom) scaleing feel of the frequency knob.

If i was a programmer i would really do it on my own. i actually already asked around. the Q and G knob flip is prolly a 5 minute programming job. i can’t understand why Steinberg does not care about the CC121 users.

… btw: i have NEVER really used the EQ sections since they are so … ehm… un-analog to use. and the Q and G flip is just a nightmare!



It is a bit odd that a reaper user can adjust the encoder rotation speed and acceleration but the inventors of the device can’t.


Is this true?! Can you provide a link to where this is possible? If this is true, it’s truly sad.

The CC121 support is a community contribution to the reaper landscape so there is a dedicated thread with the development progress over at the reaper forum. I can not post a direct link to the forum because Steinberg’s webmaster censors the company name here on this forum (even in URLs). But this extension has a dedicated project page as well (here)

Oh wow, that looks like a great effort.
Drool at this:

These enhancements go beyond the original functionality that the device provides under Cubase but I found them very handy when working with the CC121:

  1. Pressing the mute and the monitor button at the same time will swap the functionality of the volume fader and the pan encoder so the fader will control the panorama of a channel and the encoder will control the volume. This will make the automation of pan data much easier.

  2. Pressing the write and the VSTi button at the same time will disable and enable the motorfader. This is usefull in many recording and mixing situations where the sound of the moving fader is disturbing. This shortcut is much easier as plugging the wall wart in and out every time to shut up the fader.

Come on Steinberg, Reaper can now use the cc121 better than Cubase, fix that!

damn… i am on a mac.
HELLO Steinberg, anybody there?!?

Pwned indeed. Though with the new controllers, I’m not sure this is a priority. Just wish they’d change:

  1. Swap F&Q
  2. Enable Function LEDs when user programmed
  3. Adjust rotary resolution


Also, the ability to reprogram the functions of some of the buttons would be marvelous. For instance, if you could set the |< button to go to the left locator, this would make WORLDS more sense than the random shit it does now!

Seriously, Steinberg! Don’t leave us hanging! This is a solidly built, pretty controller! It’s a shame that very little about it really entices me to use it as it currently stands.

Also, the ability to lock it to a track while going back into the arrange window to play around with a softsynth would be fundamental to improving the actual, day-to-day usability of this thing! I’ve had it for about 9 months now, and I’m finding I hardly ever use the damn thing… this could be easily rectified! My favorite button, and the only one I tend to use all that often, is the instrument GUI open/close (the panel-looking) button.

Allow us to make some sensible customizations to this. PLEASE!! Do the right thing, don’t let us down! Yamaha? Hello? SOMEBODY?! Please respond!!! :cry:

Please Steinberg, dedicate some resource to software enhancement for the CC121? thanks.


i guess all these shouts are hopeless and it seems to be that the forum here is un-monitored by steinberg. there was never any feedback on the cc121 requests… :frowning:(((


but I doubt anyone is coming down here to this section of the forum the check for our feedback…

I think it’s pretty obvious that, with the new controllers out, the 121 is forgotten about. Nonetheless, I love mine and prefer it over the new controllers.

If the CC121 has been forgotten about, that is a real shame. I’ve had mine for about 2 months and now am completely dependent on it. Its sped up both my tracking and my mixing. I think a reverse feature for the button LEDs would be great, i.e. that they would be lit until in use. With the new controllers, I doubt they will come out with a new hardware version, but an updated driver, with the suggestions in this forum topic, would be great. Next purchase for me is the MR816 CSX.

It has not been forgotten about. Just because some owns a device and something is thought of as odd, strange or unbelivable, does not warrant that device to be immediately in the spotlight.

If one pays attention to the releases of Steinberg software (which, after using Steinberg stuff for almost 30 years, is hard not to :slight_smile: it’s evident that the software teams are relatively small and that products are mostly being worked on in turn. Anything CC121 deemed (by Steinberg/Yamaha) necessary to be worked on, certainly will be and eventually released.

Oh BTW, in my opinion the CC121 is a very unique, one-of-its-kind sort of a device, that makes life so much easier and the desk less cluttered. I even think it’s making me permanently ambidextrous… :slight_smile: Outstanding left hand device!!!

I love my CC121 and I wish more resources could be dedicated to it. But realistically, with the new controllers out, Steinberg has decided to go the modular route instead of an “all in one” unit. For this reason, I do think the 121 has been left behind. Having said that, let’s not forget that Steiny brought the Midex units back to life by writing new drivers last year. Nice surprise for those owners.

I think its a disgrace that the G & Q are upside down - it must be such an easy fix in software to make this happen the other way up - ive posted on this before but to no avail; I come back here from time to time to check on any progress. there never is any. Hand to Eye co ordination is so important - ive said it before - if the 121 was on a flight deck the plane would be upside down in a field someplace!! it would be like having the artificial horizon upside down and the stick back to front! its a real shame cos it is a good and reliable machine but i too cannot use the eq cos it drives me mad… i mean why not have the frequency decrease when you turn the knob clockwise too - that would just be the icing on the crappy programming cake! come on steinberg! HOW MANY PROGRAMMING HOURS WOULD THIS TAKE ??? I RECKON ABOUT 10 FLIPPIN MINUTES. PATHETIC. And worse TOTALLY IGNORANT :imp: :open_mouth: :cry:

I am with you, Bredo!