Please rate and review Dorico for iPad on the App Store

If you’re enjoying Dorico for iPad so far, please consider leaving us a rating and review in the App Store. To do this:

  1. Open the App Store app on your iPad.
  2. Tap the Search icon at the bottom right corner.
  3. Search for Dorico.
  4. Scroll down to the Ratings & Reviews section.

If you have installed Dorico using your Apple ID, you will see a Tap to rate: heading and five empty stars. Please rate the app, and if you wish, you could also leave a review. Thank you!


God, can’t believe some of the pathetic reviews on there, all bitching about the subscription which they don’t have to do. Especially ‘TGuyM’ who thinks that by wielding the power of his rating can dictate Steinbergs business model as they attempt to make a profitable app which will get continuous upgrades.

I use the Omni apps on MacOS and iOS, and periodically have to buy a new version on both platforms, upgrade licenses and the like. Annoying, because it’s on two platforms - just like Dorico. A simple subscription on iPad makes it easy, especially since it still works without it.

Oh well /rant off, I gave it a good review at least


Strange - the only review I see on the iPhone app store is my own very positive review which first appeared early yesterday. I wonder why.

On my iPhone App Store Dorico doesn’t come up at all - just the tutorial vids app (by Leo?) , but it does on the iPad App Store, so I left it a very +ve rating. Maybe the App Store knows an iPhone is too small? iPhone 8 in my case.

Yes. Dorico for iPad only shows on iPad App Store. That’s the expected behavior.
[Edit] I stand corrected by… myself! I just received a message letting me know the developer had answered (in French) to my review, and I saw the whole thing on my iPhone… Well, actually, I cannot see it using the search engine, only the link provided in the e-mail I received.

Lots of 5 stars but the negative bitch reviews about subscription are dominating. If you haven’t yet written a review for it consider doing so!

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It saddens me too. Partly why it saddens me is the fact that Steinberg isn’t asking for much. It’s much cheaper than the Sibelius equivalent, for instance. Perhaps my habit of being a “power user” and having multiple pieces of expensive software, (one of which is worth more than the iMac that runs it at this point) I just don’t understand what the issue is.

Just you watch: if dorico ever goes subscription free or inserts ads into the app, people will go berserk over that too. :roll_eyes:

Developing apps and software in general is brutal. Some areas like games are the most difficult, people want better software, but they work against their own best interests by being such cheapskates and outright theft. Somehow it’s supposed to be free and support every whim.

These initial reviews are particularly poor, on the one hand they all praise what a brilliant port it is, on the other they one star it and condemn the whole app because of the subscription, never mind that they don’t have to subscribe.

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My pitch to colleagues is, try the free version and then pay for it month to month. For $4 you get an extremely robust music notation program score to parts for 30 days. It you on write charts 2 months out of the year, that’s $8! You can always use the free version as a reader the rest of the year. I’m always amazed at what people will and won’t pay for. This is such a great app for gigging musicians doing, wedding, club dates. You can create great looking Rhythm charts with 3 or 4 horns easily all on the iPad, share with the other guys on the gig, fast via PDF they can open in Forescore. Seems like a no brainer to me.

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Heh. I hadn’t realised I’d become an app. Thanks for the heads up @RobF!

I’ve just reminded myself that App Store reviews are dependent on location. I note that Dorico customers don’t seem to be complaining about the subscription quite so much here in the U.K., and customers of the new purple competing app seem to be complaining much more here in the U.K. than in the U.S.

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I’ve never understood why people seem clinically incapable of reviewing the app for its own sake vs the cost. I understand the whole user experience is part and parcel, but it is comically schizophrenic to say “great app! 1 :star: rating bc I hate subscriptions!”

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For some reason my review (on the Spanish store) doesn’t show up. Do you know how long does it take for it to appear?

True. Those are an automatic “Not helpful” rating from my part.

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I believe there is some moderation in place before reviews (and indeed developers’ replies to users’ reviews) appear on the store.

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Longtime Finale user here, looking at Dorico for the first time after seeing that Dorico was now available for the iPad. Have downloaded the trial of Dorico Pro, too, and look forward to exploring that. Still getting familiar with the app, but like what I saw in David MacDonald’s introduction. In starting a new project and exploring a bit, one thing I did notice – GREAT that you have a Barbershop Harmony template; however, it’s not set up correctly. Barbershop uses two staves not four, and the clefs are specific to men’s or women’s arrangements. Men’s barbershop uses octave down treble clef and regular bass clef. Women’s barbershop uses regular treble clef and octave up bass clef. In both cases, the treble clef is for tenor part (stems up) and lead (stems down). Bass clef is for baritone (stems up) and bass (stems down). Mixed barbershop (men/women together) is becoming more popular - it uses two staves and regular bass and treble clef. Look forward to learning more about Dorico!


As a fellow former Finale user, welcome!

Thanks! I downloaded the desktop version yesterday; the app a few days ago, so just getting started. Want to watch the tutorial videos and work through the exercises in the app; looking forward to checking it out.


I don’t mind the subscription - it’s very reasonable and not at all different from tons of other apps in the app store. I’m very glad to see that the desktop is not subscription and, from what Daniel said on ScoringNotes, there are no plans to make the desktop version a subscription product. Hooray for that.

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Yes, my number one suggestion is to learn and watch BEFORE jumping in. It’s completely different from Finale. You have to be willing to re-learn everything. It’s worth it.