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Thank you Steinberg for Cubasis 2! I have been looking for a suitable sequencer to control my MIDI synthesizers/gear and replace my Cumbersome MV-8000 Production Studio. This is the best I have used for iOS and I look forward to updates for this great software DAW!

Thanks for the kind words & welcome to Cubasis!
New updates are in the making… :slight_smile:



Just purchased Cubasis Version 2.4 for my I Pad (iOS 9.3.5) Not very impressed.

The program crashes every time I try to do any type of edit.

I will be asking for a refund - NOT GOOD

Asked for assistance via Steinberg - Answer - refer to forums (nice to pass the buck even though I provided details)

Gerald Bellot

Hi Gerald,

Your report is similar to this topic:

Our engineering has started to evaluate the issue.
We hope to be able to provide a solution to the problem sometime soon.


Done! My pleasure. Cubasis 2 is out of this world.

Thanks Jamie, greatly appreciated.
We’re glad to hear you like Cubasis 2!


So far I give it a failing grade. Will let you know if that changes.

Hi Hownot,

More helpful would be to share your issues with us, in a separate forum topic.
This would give us the chance to evaluate your issue.


Hi Lars. My question is, pls, can you inform me on exporting WAV or any other file, from Cubasis 3 on iPhone?
To what/destinations, pls. Thx a lot.

Hi S_Damnit,

Thank you for your message.

There are several options to exporting WAV or other audio files, such as using AirDrop, iCloud Drive, external hard drives, wireless flash drives, Dropbox, AudioCopy and email.

Hope that helps!


THX, Lars, I appreciate that; very cool solutions,
Just WIFI WAVs around!

hi S_Damnit,

Thanks for your feedback.

THX, Lars, I appreciate that; very cool solutions,
Nowadays! Just WIFI WAVs around!

Hopefully it helps to find the best solution matching to your workflow!